Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: A Last Gift

Created by Courtney A. Kemp, ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ is a Starz crime-drama series that tells the story of Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the son of James St. Patrick, or Ghost, the main character of the original series. After Tariq killed his father, his mother took the blame because she wanted her son to have a normal life. But as Tariq soon realizes, he can’t escape his father’s legacy.

In season 3 episode 9, titled ‘A Last Gift,’ the world starts to crumble around Tariq, endangering his fledgling drug empire and family. Old enemies resurface, looking for vengeance, as law enforcement closes in. Meanwhile, the Tejada siblings learn about their mother’s biggest sin. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ season 3 episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The ‘Power’ universe reels in the aftermath of Saxe’s death and Effie’s arrest. Tariq rushes to Saxe’s office to find anything that can prove to him that Saxe knew where his family is. Instead, he finds a copy of Whitman’s file on Monet. Just then, Cane (Woody McClain) arrives, demanding to know whether Tariq was aware that Lauren was alive and revealing that Effie has been arrested. Tariq feigns ignorance about Lauren being alive, and the two of them get into an argument, which quickly devolves into a fight. Although Tariq takes care of himself, he is no match for Cane. Fortunately for the protagonist, Davis (Method Man) arrives and intervenes. After the two young men leave, Davis lets his frustration and anger out.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez and Sullivan realize that Effie will not be as easy to crack as initially presumed. Right after they send her back to the cell, they both get calls informing them about Saxe’s death. Despite their problems, Sullivan did care for Saxe. She breaks down crying when she sees his body. She subsequently goes on a warpath, especially targeting Davis, as it was his brother who pulled the trigger. It is pretty ironic, given she inadvertently played a considerable role in what happened to Saxe.

In his last attempt at revenge, Saxe has left a series of letters for various people. In the one he left behind for Sullivan, he urges her to move on with her life and not continue to chase after her proverbial whale, an advice that Sullivan admits that she has to ignore. The rest of the letters are meant to be angry and vengeful. One of those letters goes to Monet, telling her that Tariq is a CI for the authorities. She obviously doesn’t believe it but still sends Diana to see what she can discover. Diana finds Whitman’s report after rummaging through Tariq’s things.

Meanwhile, after Evelyn Castillo confronts Monet about Gordo’s death, the Tejadas decide to take out the entire Castillo family. But before she dies, Evelyn tells Dru that Monet killed his father. The Tejada siblings get together and compare what they know, realizing that their mother had Gordo kill their father for accidentally killing Zeke. This leads to a major confrontation between the siblings and Monet.

Elsewhere, after speaking to Tariq, Rashad figures out that someone is running a Ponzi scheme out of Weston Holdings and informs SEC. Lucas flees, leaving his brother behind to take the blame. He later contacts Sullivan and Rodriguez’s team, offering to reveal everything he knows about the drug operation in exchange for immunity in the Ponzi scheme case. However, Brayden tracks him down and tries to convince his uncle to accept responsibility for his action. When Lucas reveals the entirety of his plans, which include Brayden’s father going to jail, Brayden snaps and pushes him off the balcony to his death. Tariq, who is also there to kill Lucas, sees the body fall and promptly leaves.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 9 Ending: Where is Tasha? Did Tommy Kidnap Tasha?

Throughout this season, Tariq has been forced to jump from one situation to another, barely keeping up. In this episode, he promises a lot of powerful people that he will take care of things as his world starts to fall apart. He convinces Obi to give him extra time by promising him green cards for his family. To make matters worse, old enemies return to his life. First, 2-Bit returns and shows him the letter Saxe sent him, even forcing him to exchange their cars.

Fearing that Saxe might have shared the information about Tasha’s location with someone, Tariq reaches out to Tameika Washington and visits his family. Although Tameika increases security, an intruder shoots the officers before confronting Tasha. The man is revealed to be Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), who still seeks revenge for James’ death. Although Tariq killed his father, he and Tommy came to a tentative understanding. That’s not the case with Tommy and Tasha. Tariq tries to intervene but is knocked out. When he wakes up, Tameika informs him that his mother is missing.

Given that he was knocked out from behind, it’s safe to assume that Tasha did it. She was trying to de-escalate the situation from the moment she saw Tommy. She realized that Tariq was about to shoot Tommy while the latter was busy with one of the officers and likely decided to prevent it so she didn’t have to lose any more family members. If this is true, Tasha wasn’t probably kidnapped; she went with Tommy of her own volition.

Did Monet Betray Tariq?

As mentioned above, after his encounter with 2-Bit, Tariq becomes concerned that Saxe sent one of his letters to the people still looking for Tasha, and Tommy is definitely one of those people. However, Tommy reveals to Tasha that it was Monet who sent him a message about Tasha’s location. Monet has the resources to acquire this information, and she has always come off as a person for whom everyone is expendable, including her allies and her family. So, if Tommy is telling the truth and he has no reason to lie in that scene, Monet indeed betrayed Tariq.

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