PrepDeck Shark Tank Update: Where Is PrepDeck Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Introduced by entrepreneur Alexander Eburne, PrepDeck managed to catch our eye on ‘Shark Tank‘ season 13. It is an outstandingly helpful kitchen organizing system that keeps the mess away. Alexander hoped his product would impress the Sharks enough for them to make a life-changing investment in his business. So, let’s take a closer look at the product and chart out the company’s growth, shall we?

PrepDeck: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Interestingly, the man behind PrepDeck – Alexander Eburne – did not have a lot of experience in developing or selling kitchen equipment before establishing his own venture. Alexander is primarily from a marketing background and started his career in Sydney, Australia, by establishing his own company called Zealous Works, in the year 2000. He then moved on to the position of Business Acquisition Consultant for TGBN Mergers & Acquisitions, and after a year, became the Business Development Manager for Axis Telecommunications.

In 2007, Alexander landed the role of Vice President Sales & Marketing at Eco SmartFire, a firm based in Greater LA. After a two-year stint as the CEO of Harbour Outdoor, he returned to Eco SmartFire in 2011 as the CEO. He worked there for quite some time before establishing PrepDeck in February 2018.

Alexander mentioned how he loves cooking and was always the one to experiment in the kitchen. But he would often leave behind a mess that his wife would have to clean up. However, once they had a baby, his wife became pre-occupied, leaving him to deal with the situation by himself. That was when Alexander realized how important it was to have a certain order in the kitchen. Tired of cleaning his own mess time and again, he put his marketing experience to work and came up with the idea of PrepDeck.

PrepDeck is a kitchen organizing system that helps an individual gather everything they need to cook something in one place. It has 15 storage containers for different ingredients and other attachments like a cheese grater, a knife storage tray, a phone/tablet stand, and a cutting board. The product is compact and takes very little space on the kitchen counter, and helps to keep everything neat and clean. Moreover, Alexander takes pride in the fact that PrepDeck is anti-bacterial and dishwasher safe.

Where Is PrepDeck Now?

The 2018 IndieGoGo campaign that Alexander undertook to fund his business turned out to be highly successful as he was able to raise around $859,602. By May 2019, he shipped out the first batch of products and was met with glorious reviews. It did not take long for the business to grow exponentially, and with an expanding customer base, Alexander increased his catalog to include helpful kitchen accessories like cooking utensils, cheat sheets, knife blocks, and organic aprons, among other things.

Moreover, viewers will be surprised to know that PrepDeck is the parent company of Souper Cubes, another ‘Shark Tank’ product that Lori Greiner invested in. Therefore, it was no surprise that PrepDeck was named Amazon’s 2021 Innovator of the Year. At present, the products are available both on Amazon as well as the official website.

While the PrepDeck unit will set you back by $99, the company offers different bundles that range between $40 to $269. Besides, the PrepDeck attachments can also be bought in a bundle for $69. On the other hand, the kitchen accessories are sold separately and cost anywhere between $9 to $59. It truly is incredible to witness Alexander’s success, and we wish him the very best for the years to come.

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