Priya and Vim: Is the Indian Matchmaking Couple Still Dating?

If there’s one thing absolutely no one can deny, it’s the fact that Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ season 3 is bigger, better, and brighter than ever before thanks to the hard work of Sima Taparia. After all, she not only brings us the most intriguing personalities (in the form of her clients) but also matches them in potential forever partnerships, just for them to then be the core entertainment. Amongst them was thus the pairing of Priya Ashra and Vimal “Vim” Kansara — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them as well as their current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Priya and Vim’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

While we did get a glimpse of London-based divorcée Priya in the final moments of season 2, it wasn’t until the latest installment rolled around that we really got to know her personal experiences. The truth is she’d been in a single relationship previously, yet it ended with her calling it quits following nearly two years of marriage (11 years together) as he’d betrayed her in more ways than one. She’d hence decided to take some time for herself before stepping back into the world of dating with a clear vision of what she needed long-term, driving her to seek matrimonial matchmaking.

“Whenever I go on dates, I always feel like I’m the person that brings the energy,” Priya candidly said in the Netflix production while explaining her predicament. “I always find I attract these guys that are – – they are like energy vampires; they just sit there, and they take all your energy. You come out, you feel really depleted, but they feel great. So no energy vampires.” She then continued her criteria list by adding qualities like kind, optimist, trustworthy, emotionally mature, and good communicator — though she did have an aesthetic request too; for her suitor not to be balding.

Priya admittedly loves a bit of top knot action, which is why when Vimal “Vim” Kansara came into the picture following her failed dates with Bobby Seagull and Jai Vasani, she was over the moon. It was not as if the latter two men were bald, controlling, terrible, or even intimated by her history; it’s just that she felt no real spark even though there seemed a little bit of promise with the former. On the flip side, she felt intrigued by Vim from the get-go because of his hair, the fact he wears his heart upon his sleeves, and his giving her a safe space to talk for them to find common ground.

However, this changed during their second date mere days later as Priya felt overwhelmed by his clear intent as well as the way he made it known he would not be playing any games with her. Vim actually never once hesitated to voice the fact he fancied her either, yet the vulnerability this demanded scared her to such an extent she chose to gradually pull away to think things through. Thankfully, Sima Taparia (or Sima Aunty) soon intervened to help out, leading her to realize she not only owed her date an explanation but also didn’t want their time together to come to an end.

Priya and Vim’s Relationship Probably Didn’t Last

The moment Priya and Vim met to clear the air for good, she understood how big of a mistake she was previously about to make since the fellow Londoner wasn’t even upset regarding the situation. Instead, he considered her past while sincerely hearing and understanding her entire point of view before essentially reiterating his interest because he didn’t want anything to be left open for guesses. In other words, he clarified he wasn’t going to shy away from his feelings despite their quick intensity (unlike her), and he also wasn’t going to let her run for as long as she allowed him.

That’s when Priya truly opened up to Vim, as evidenced by the fact she went as far as to invite him to meet her only sister and her closest friends during a get-together where she was the host. This all circled back to their first date at the cricket pub, where they’d found shared interests in food, traveling, as well as family — the fact it was all bantery and lighthearted was just a massive plus.

“[Vim’s] got lots of interests, and I really ike that about him,” Priya stated in the reality series. “He swims, he runs, he does gardening. I phoned him the other day and said, ‘What are you doing?’ and he said, ‘I’m just polishing my doorknobs.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool!’ He makes me laugh, honestly. Me and Vim, we’re never going to consistently be the same all the time…, but we have to be able to see that and support each other… We’ve gotta water each other, right?”

But alas, from what we can tell through their relatively active social media platforms, it doesn’t appear as if Priya and Vim were able to make their romantic connection work in the long run. Neither the Tiku Tiku feeder/host nor the Digital Strategy Manager for Cognizant has confirmed or denied this as of writing, yet the truth is their not following one another, let alone interacting via comments or likes, speaks volumes.

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