Put a Ring on It Season 3: Where Are the Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

‘Put a Ring on It’ is a dating reality TV show that follows three couples who are in long-term relationships but have yet to take the next step and get engaged. The show takes place in a luxurious house where the pairs live together for several weeks and participate in various exercises and challenges designed to test their relationships and help them determine if they are truly meant to be together.

Throughout the show, viewers get an inside look at each couple’s relationship dynamics and their challenges in deciding whether to commit to each other for life. OWN’s ‘Put a Ring on It’ is a drama-filled, emotional journey exploring modern love’s complexities and the importance of trust, communication, and commitment. However, it’s been long since season 3 aired, and fans eagerly await an update. If you adored the couples and want to know how they are doing now, we’ve got you covered.

Shay and Alfonzo Are Happily Engaged Now

Shay Prince and Alfonzo Morgan had a rocky relationship with the latter’s past infidelity. Yet, despite separating for over a month, the pair started over again, this time with an upgraded engagement ring! They appeared on the show to work through their problems as they weren’t ready to give up on each other. During the season finale, Alfonzo went all out to make his lady love feel special.

With no expense spared, Alfonzo flew Shay in a helicopter to a private hangar that he had decorated with rose petals leading to a round table and seats befitting of a king and a queen. He conveyed his love and gratitude for going through the ordeal since it benefited their relationship, stating how much he loved her. Alfonzo recalled his first Vegas proposal and admitted it didn’t work out since they weren’t ready then. He then made a second proposal, which Shay happily accepted. The duo progressed the most compared to other couples and is happily engaged now.

Alfonzo works as an Entertainment Executive for Maybach Music Group (MMG) and aspires to promote up-and-coming talents. He is an intelligent businessman who excels in various fields, including real estate and volunteer work. His accomplishments are the stuff of fairy tales. On the other hand, Shay Prince is undoubtedly a woman of many skills. This Jacksonville, Florida native is the whole package — a successful Retail Business Owner at Status by Shay, former Miss Black Florida, and a Computer Engineer. Shay is enthusiastic about raising awareness of women’s health problems and her experience with endometriosis.

Charlie and Otis Are Still Together

Charlana Brown, AKA Charlie, and Otis Weary Jr. came under scrutiny when they were accused of being pregnant before coming to the show and not revealing it to the network. Nevertheless, both reality TV stars turned down the accusations, claiming they found it out while filming. Due to the pregnancy, Charlie didn’t want to go out on a date with another man and wanted to be close to her fiancé. Despite having grave problems in their relationship, the two decided to work things out and are seemingly still together.

In June 2022, Charlie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Trey. The proud mother even created an adorable Instagram page for her son to document every tiny moment. On the work front, Otis is a well-known Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine. He is the founder and owner of the Velvet Hospitality Group, which has locations in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Houston.

Otis had his professional training at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, regarded as one of the best schools in the world for hospitality management, culinary arts, and gastronomy. While Charlana Brown was raised in Los Angeles, California, the Real Estate Investor is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She has created print and television advertisements for a variety of sporting businesses. To mention a few, there are brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Asics, and Sketchers.

Charlana began as a young tennis player, competing all around Southern California before moving to Florida. She received a full tennis scholarship to attend Florida A&M University. She pursued a Broadcast Journalism degree at FAMU while also attending theatre courses. Charlana returned to Los Angeles after receiving her degree to pursue a career as a fitness model. She has been in ads for brands including McDonald’s, Apple, Ford, and Nike.

Shorty and Kenneth Have Parted Ways Now

Shorty Brown and Kenneth James met at a Young Thug concert and have been dating for three years. The former thought she was out of Kenneth’s league and didn’t think he was financially or emotionally ready to proceed with the marriage. She didn’t see them as a married couple yet, but Kenneth did! Unfortunately, the pair are not together and chose to separate for their mental health.

Kenneth eventually started packing and decided to leave. At the start of the Decision Time episode, he and Shorty ultimately parted ways. Though they remained in touch for a few months after the breakup, they aren’t together anymore, and it seems they will not be crossing paths soon. Kenneth is a multifaceted personality working in several fields. He is currently making his mark as an Actor, Rapper, Producer, Director, and Philanthropist.

The reality TV star also has a YouTube channel where he frequently posts motivational videos. On the other hand,  Shorty is in the real estate business and has been working in the same field for years. As we can see, Shorty Brown and Kenneth James are currently single, focused on their careers, and waiting for their respective soulmates.

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