Put A Ring On It Season 1: Where Are the Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

‘Put A Ring On It’ is a dating show that features couples who have been in a long-term relationship and puts them through tests by taking them on different dates to see whether they are a perfect choice. All the couples have the viewers’ eyes on them, and many of the cast members retain a large fan following after their time on the show. Season 1 of ‘Put a Ring on It’ finished a while ago; naturally, fans of the show must be wondering about the current whereabouts and standing of their favorite couples.

Ashley and Hollywood Have Broken Up

Hollywood valiantly endured the barrage of first dates in season 1 of ‘Put a Ring on It’ while remaining loyal solely to Ashley. Kwame is an actor and media personality who had been on series like ‘MacGyver’ before joining the cast of ‘Put a Ring on It.’ Ashley was growing more eager to spend time with him. Ashley agreed when Hollywood proposed at the end of season 1, but things didn’t work out as expected. Throughout the years, Hollywood and Ashley seem to have split up twice.

Sometime after ‘Put a Ring on It’ premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network, they broke up. Hollywood has already found his new lady love. He is presently dating Houston, Texas-based cosmetics artist and company owner Kelci Marie. ItsHollywoodal and Kel is a YouTube channel run by Kel and Hollywood. Ashley, on the other hand, is currently single. The actress has made appearances in many productions, including ‘A Nashville Legacy,’ ‘Why Wait?’ ‘Strange Love,’ ‘Urge,’ ‘Sudden Sisters,’ ‘Karma,’ and ‘Overdose.’

Interestingly, Ashley’s passion for performing began when she was a youngster. She auditioned for a talent variety TV program on Fox hosted by musical icon Quincy Jones and earned the post of a co-host. Ashley then appeared in various commercials and the important ‘Just Do Something’ campaign in New Orleans.

Ché and Michael Are Happily Married

Fans would be delighted to know that fan favorite Ché and Michael are still together and happily married. The couple recently had their beautiful romantic honeymoon in Cancun. The pair had to postpone their wedding in 2021 after being engaged for a month as they had moved into their new home.

Ché revealed their entire new home in her YouTube video, demonstrating how hard work and love can truly pay off. Che really shocked her fans, who took a breath of relief after watching the video, which was entitled, ‘The Wedding is OFF.’ Truly a great prank! Michael is a Software Engineer, while the gym enthusiast Ché is working as a content creator. They are often seen in adorable matching pyjamas, and we can’t help but simp over their love.

Tamika and Vince Are Likely No Longer Together

Unfortunately, by the looks of it, it appears that Tamika and Vince are no longer together. Though the couple has not made any public announcement in regards to their split, one can assume, judging by the fact that they have removed the pictures of their significant other from their respective social media handles and the fact that they don’t even follow each other. Hence, we can come to the conclusion that, as of writing, Tamika Shannon and Vincent Howard are not together.

Both Vince and Tamika are actors by profession. Vince has made appearances in different productions including, ‘Let’s Stay Together,’ ‘The Game,’ ‘The Rickey Smiley Show,’ ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ ‘The Conscience,’ and others. Tamika, on the other hand, has been doing great in the industry. She has made appearances in productions including ‘Wolf Pack,’ ‘Will Trent,’ ‘High Expectations,’ ‘Unspoken,’ ‘Swamp Thing,’ and others.

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