Quad Webb: Married to Medicine Star is a Proud Family Woman

Image Credit: Mark Hill/Bravo

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Quad Webb’s personal life has almost always taken the public center stage despite the fact she’s an incredibly successful businesswoman, too. However, this has never been because people don’t support her endeavors; it’s simply because she’s an OG Bravo ‘Married to Medicine’ cast member, and fans are used to witnessing her experiences. So now, if you simply wish to delve deeper into the same — with a specific focus on her relationship history, current love life, as well as views on being a mother — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Quad Webb’s Ex-Husband

It was reportedly back in the late 2000s that Tennessee native Quad first got involved with psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Lunceford, just for them to soon fall head over heels before tying the knot in 2012. But alas, challenges quickly came to light because while she wanted to establish herself as an independent professional prior to starting a family, he wanted her to settle down in a more traditional role. This was reportedly to such an extent that she went as far as to get on self-administered birth control in an attempt to avoid any accidents since he’d begun pressuring her quite a bit as the years passed.

In fact, Quad and Gregory once even got into a heated argument over this issue in an episode of this 2013-debuting Bravo series, where she finally told her husband, “In the way you talk to me… we will never be able to have a child. You will never be able to get that gift from me because I refuse to bring a child into a household that’s in strife.” After all, since there was continuous back and forth between them regarding their timelines, they often even accused one another of not making enough effort to make things work in the long run.

Therefore, following emotional seasons 5 and 6, including Gregory’s lack of support in Quad’s decision to launch a dog clothing line, accusations of his infidelity, as well as petty anger from her, she filed for divorce in 2018. “We’ve tried marital counseling,” she said. “I’ve bought books for us. I have written things down. I have also tried to lead by example… I’m literally trying everything that I can to salvage my marriage,” yet nothing worked. In the end, upon repeatedly hitting brick walls, she realized, “He’s not getting it… That’s giving me a message that he doesn’t want to get it, which means he doesn’t want the marriage.”

Quad Webb’s Relationship Status

After Quad and Gregory’s divorce was finalized in 2019, the former admittedly took a bit of time for herself before stepping back into the dating pool while keeping a lot of details private. Nevertheless, over the years, she has briefly shared that she’s “enjoying being single. It was tough for me earlier on… But life is really good [post divorce… As for dating,] it’s been fun… Very interesting. Meeting new people, it’s great.” Moreover, in a talk show relatively recently, she conceded she’s actually very single at the moment — she’s actively dating and is open to love, but she isn’t in any sort of a relationship.

Quad Webb’s Kids

According to reports, it was back in late 2020 that Quad took on the role of a maternal figure for the second time for nephew Mason after his dad/her younger brother Quentin lost his life at 34 from heart issues. She thus had her own mother permanently move in with them too for extra help, driving her to relocate from an apartment to a 6-bed, 9-bath home supported by her work as an author, chef, talk show host, reality star, as well as women’s health advocate. They both actually continue to reside with her to this day, with 7-year-old Mason now adorably referring to her as “maunty,” which is quite simply mom and aunty combined.

Notice we said “second time” above because Quad had announced she and her supportive mother were excited to welcome a baby girl named Ariana (lovingly Ari) into their lives in May 2020 itself. She was born on April 8 in Memphis, Tennessee, following which the duo joyously adopted her with the intention of treating her as nothing but their own and giving her the best possible life imaginable.

“There’s so much happening so fast!,” the reality star, who’d honestly always wanted to be a mom under the right circumstances, had candidly stated back then. “… I’m eager and anxious, as my family means so much to me. We thank you in advance for all of your prayers and well- wishes… I just want to be able to give her the best life possible, and I am responsible for that, and she’s gonna get that.” So, the four of them – Quad, her mom, Mason, and Ari – are a complete family.

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