Claude “Raël” Vorilhon Net Worth: How Rich is Raëlism Founder?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that French native Claude “Raël” Maurice Marcel Vorilhon is much more than just a sports journalist turned religious founder and leader. This much is actually even evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet,’ especially as it delves deep into the way his UFO beliefs have since apparently spiraled into a controversial cult. It thus comes as no surprise he himself has benefited a lot through this International Raëlian movement, living a life of complete luxury despite not technically receiving a salary for his work.

How Does Claude “Raël” Vorilhon Earn His Money?

Since Claude’s early years weren’t entirely stable considering he was raised in his grandmother’s Ambert home before being sent to a couple of boarding schools, he became independent at 15. Though the way he did it was by running away and hitchhiking to Paris, where he spent the ensuing three years busking on streets or playing original music in local cafés as well as cabarets. Little did he know this is how he’d come across a radio director scouting for young talent, resulting in him landing such a record deal that he was able to kickstart his pop career as Claude Celler.

But alas, Claude’s rising stardom came to an abrupt yet total halt in September 1970 despite him having already released six singles as the aforementioned director sadly took his own life. That’s when he decided to shift gears and stepped into sports journalism — especially because of his childhood-turned-lifelong interest in car racing — before becoming a publisher too. He actually established a sports car magazine named Autopop in 1971, just for it to soon enable him to not only test the latest automobiles but also enter his dream world as a true race car driver.

Yet then came December 13, 1973, which changed all of Claude’s priorities — he’d allegedly experienced an incredibly eye-opening alien visitation in a secluded area of a French volcanic crater. According to his own accounts, an extraterrestrial being had apparently told him they were behind humanity’s entire existence, and now it was his job to let everyone know about their origin. The being had allegedly even gone as far as to identify itself as his biological father and its race as Elohim before asserting he should anticipate their return by building them a residential embassy.

Claude hence initiated the UFO religion of MADECH, now known as Raëlism or the International Raëlian Movement (IRM), based on certain life aspects reportedly explained to him by Elohims. However, more importantly, he subsequently changed his name Raël, gave up Autopop for good in 1974, and then utterly devoted himself to the massive task he said he was ostensibly appointed. Thus came his books plus public appearances, establishing a hierarchy to have smooth monthly meetings, initiations, and meditation rituals, along with plans to build the Alien Residential Embassy.

In fact, for the latter, Raël has actually asked this movement’s followers to donate 10% of their salary to a treasury and an additional 1% to him to ensure he can keep everything running long-term. After all, he once had their Garden of Eden as well as theme parks to maintain, only for these funds to now go toward their different bases across the globe and investment in promotional videos. Though it’s imperative to note this religious leader is the Alien Residential Embassy treasury’s sole President, meaning he alone is responsible for all the money in it, said to be over 20 million francs.

Claude “Raël” Vorilhon Net Worth

Raël is purportedly quite a controversial figure by always leading a luxurious life with the best of services, apparently inadvertently promoting crimes against minors through his religion’s constant push toward sexual freedom, and asserting they’ve succeeded in human cloning without providing any proof, making it seem like it could be a hoax. Nevertheless, this author of 10 books, journalist, singer, plus religious leader vehemently maintains all publicity is good publicity, and hence continues to enthusiastically make media appearances as well as hold seminars, resulting in him having a more than adequate estate. In fact, as per our conservative estimates, his net worth is at least $10 million.

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