Ragnarok: What Happens to Little O?

Netflix’s ‘Ragnarok’ modernizes the characters of Thor, Loki, and the Giants from Norse Mythology. Set in the small Norwegian town of Edda, the show begins with Magne discovering that he has the powers of Thor. Being the incarnation of the Norse god means carrying out the prophecy, which talks about Ragnarok, the war between the Gods and Giants. Magne also discovers he is not the only character from the mythology incarnated to fulfill the prophecy.

His brother, Laurits, is the modern version of Loki, while gods like Odin and Freyja join him to fight the war against the Giants, who exist as the Jutul family. One of the most important weapons Loki uses against Thor in the war against the Gods is Jörmungandr, aka the Midgard Serpent. In the show, it appears as Laurits’ Little O. If you want to know what happens to it by the end of the show, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Little O’s Journey: From River to Ocean Freedom

To win the war against the Giants, Magne discovers that he will need Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, which is the most powerful weapon in the world. While the Jutuls have old weapons that can kill both Gods and Giants, none of them are a match for the hammer. It makes Magne invincible and means the Giants will surely lose the war. None of their weapons can touch Magne as long as he has the hammer. The only thing that is powerful enough to go up against him is the Midgard Serpent.

In the second season, Laurits discovers that he has a tapeworm in his stomach, which grows to unprecedented size. When it is taken out of his body, Laurits treats it like a child and keeps it in the house. At the end of Season 2, he lets the worm, which he names Little O, into the river, hoping that someday it will grow into a monster strong enough to kill his brother, or so he tells the Jutuls. In reality, Laurits just wanted to save himself and didn’t actually want to kill Magne.

In the third season, Little O gets bigger, especially after Fjor starts feeding him people. At one point, he leaves Magne in the river, and he and Little O come face to face. Magne loses his hammer when the monster eats it, but none kills the other. Still, the Jutuls know that Little O is their only good option to defeat Magne. In the end, however, the Gods and Giants come to an understanding. They decide not to go to war and instead find common grounds that will suit them all. This means that Magne and Little O don’t have to fight each other.

Laurits is relieved knowing that according to the stories when the Midgard Serpent and Thor fought each other, the god killed the monster in the final battle to win the war. To Laurits, Little O wasn’t just some character from a story destined to fulfill the prophecy, even if it meant he had to die. To him, it was his child, and he wanted it to be safe and sound, just like he didn’t want his brother to die. When the war doesn’t take place, Laurits tells Little O to leave the river and swim to the ocean.

He knows that the monster will only grow in size, and soon, the river won’t be big enough to keep him. The ocean, on the other hand, would be a great place for him because not only would he get a lot of food, but it would also be able to grow and live rather than get caught up in a war between Gods and Giants. He doesn’t see Little O again and believes it is gone, but as he talks about it, a camera angle from the monster’s perspective reveals that it has not yet left the river. It is still around but out of sight. Eventually, however, as it grows bigger, it will have to leave and go to the ocean.

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