Jason Isaacs and Lucien Laviscount Join Aaron Eckhart in ‘Raider’

Simon West is rounding out the cast of his next feature! The Cinemaholic can reveal that Jason Isaacs and Lucien Laviscount have joined the action drama ‘Raider.’ The filming of the movie will start in Spain in the fall. Isaacs and Laviscount will star alongside Aaron Eckhart and Danny Huston. The film is written by J. Craig Stiles.

The plot revolves around the newly elected President Kirkwood (Eckhart), who uncovers that the White House has been under the control of a secret elite organization for decades. After a sweeping electoral victory, he is thrust into a battle against this clandestine group. Kirkwood faces immense pressure from the head of the Secret Service (Huston), but he refuses to yield to their demands. Instead, the President embarks on a quest to decipher a series of cryptic messages left by his predecessors, hoping these clues will help him liberate his country and family from the shadowy forces at play.

Isaacs portrayed Jack Lamb in Tom Holland’s ‘The Crowded Room’ and Peter the Great in Hulu’s ‘The Great.’ He also appeared in the miniseries ‘Archie’ as Cary Grant and the biopic ‘Spinning Gold‘ as Al Bogatz. In addition, the actor lent his voice to Grand Inquisitor in ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Empire’ and Brainiac in ‘Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.’

Laviscount’s recent roles include Quinn Hamilton in ‘This Time Next Year,’ in which two individuals born minutes apart find their paths intertwining later in life, prompting a second chance at love. Previously, he starred as Sullivan in the mystery drama ‘Last Sentinel.’ He will next be seen in Netflix’s romantic drama series ‘Emily in Paris,’ in which he plays Alfie.

This is not the first time Eckhart will be entering a makeshift White House. He previously portrayed President Benjamin Asher in the ‘Has Fallen’ film series. Recently, he starred in ‘Chief of Station‘ as CIA agent Benjamin Malloy, whose discovery about his wife’s death thrusts him back into the espionage world. The actor’s upcoming projects include ‘Classified’ and ‘Deep Water.’ Huston’s recent acting credits encompass Col. Albert Houghton in Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1‘ and Rudolph Schiller in ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt.’

Simon West’s recent directorial work includes episodes of ‘Boundless’ and the disaster film ‘Skyfire,’ set on Tianhuo Island within the Pacific Rim volcanic belt. He is known for projects such as ‘Gun Shy,’ ‘Wild Card,’ ‘The Expendables 2,’ and the crime thriller ‘Con Air.’

Stiles’ latest screenwriting endeavor was ‘Miranda’s Victim,’ which follows Patricia “Trish” Weir’s relentless pursuit to bring her kidnapper and rapist, Ernesto Miranda, to justice despite her life being profoundly impacted by the legal process.

Eckhart’s forthcoming film ‘Deep Water’ was also filmed on location in Spain. Recently, Netflix’s ‘Under Paris‘ also chose the European country as its filming destination.

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