Netflix’s Under Paris: Diving Into All Filming Locations

‘Under Paris’ is a shark thriller that sees a large ocean predator enter the Seine River and cause havoc during the Paris Olympics. A scientist tracking the shark warns the authorities about the threat but is ignored since the games are about to begin. As the swimmers jump into the river for the triathlon, carnage ensues with the large shark chomping down on the athletes. Eventually, police teams are dispatched to shoot down the voracious predator and begin a deadly pursuit into the murky depths.

The French-language Netflix movie is also known as ‘Sous la Seine.’ The narrative immerses us in its adrenaline-pumping underwater sequences which are made all the more shocking as they take place around the city’s waterways. With the unique setting of the Paris Olympics and the chase along the Seine River, curiosity arises regarding the filming process employed by the crew behind the movie.

Where Was Under Paris Filmed?

‘Under Paris’ was shot on location in Paris, France, and using the production facilities of studios in Spain and Belgium. Principal photography began in late February 2023 and was wrapped up by June of the same year. The team spent considerable time preparing for the movie prior to filming, scouting locations, acquiring permits, and prepping the props and equipment needed to simulate the underwater scenes in the studios.

Paris, France

The capital city of France became the primary setting as well as the filming location for the shark thriller. The Seine River is actually the centerpiece of the grandiose opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics and has undergone significant efforts to clean it for swimming. The waterway winds its way through the heart of Paris, dividing the city into the Left Bank and the Right Bank. It flows past some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, and in the film, we can spot the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Swimming in the river has been banned since 1923, but with the Olympics approaching, the government spent roughly $1.5 billion to clean the waterway so it can be used as a picturesque swimming track as a part of triathlons and para triathlons. Usually, visitors explore the river by taking a leisurely cruise along its tranquil waters and sightseeing. The crew made use of speed boats to film scenes along the Seine River, passing under bridges and flanked with streets on either side. The sequences of swimmers jumping into the river and being attacked by the shark during the event weren’t actually filmed in its waters. They were instead captured in a studio and overlaid on a shot of the waterway in the background with well-crafted visual effects.

Brussels, Belgium

The production team employed the services of Lites Studios, located in the capital city of Belgium, to create much of the film’s underwater sequences. Situated at Fabriekstraat 81, Vilvoorde, the facility is specially equipped with water tanks and FX equipment to shoot waterborne scenes. Sporting cutting-edge equipment, the single massive water stage in the studio is capable of filling up 10 meters of water and simulating waves up to one meter high with water cannons for additional effect.

Alicante, Spain

The film crew also ventured to the port city of Alicante to set up shop at the Ciudad de la Luz movie studio on Av. de Antoñita Moreno, which also specializes in underwater and surface water FX. Some of the underwater environments and shark effects for ‘Under Paris’ were simulated in the facility. The studio has also been employed for movies like ‘Prometheus,’ ‘The Impossible,’ ‘Green Zone,’ and ‘Tetro.’

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