Why Does Ronnie Kill Unique in Power Book III Raising Kanan?

Unique and Ronnie go head-to-head in the fifth episode of Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ season 3. After knowing that Ronnie has been meddling with his life, especially by telling his wife Parnessa that he slept with Raq, Unique confronts his older brother and beats him up. He makes it clear to Ronnie that times have changed and the latter should adapt to it but the ex-convict doesn’t leave his brother alone. He goes after Unique with a rod, hits him several times, and dumps him believing the latter is dead. Although the episode doesn’t reveal whether Unique is actually dead, Ronnie’s actions say a lot about who he is and what’s ahead for him! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Becoming the “Big Dog”

Ronnie possibly kills Unique at the end of a fight. The drug lord gets the better of his older brother and beats the latter up for meddling with his life. Ronnie’s reaction, however, is the result of the hate that has been brewing in his mind for a while. He wants to kill Unique for replacing him on the streets of Queens. When Ronnie went to prison, Unique must have been a nobody. He was imprisoned as a key player in the crime scene of South Jamaica but when he gets released, the place has changed. Unique has become a drug lord and the one with all the influence.

Ronnie finds it hard to digest that he has become a nobody by the time he returns to the streets he once ruled. He tries to regain the influence by advising Unique but the latter dismisses his brother since the drug lord doesn’t need someone to teach him how to do the business he has been doing significantly well for years. Ronnie only gets ignored and pushed aside by his younger brother. To make things worse, Juliana dismisses Ronnie and the partnership they could have formed only because he is Unique’s brother. He must have realized that he has been downgraded from Ronnie to just “Unique’s brother.”

Ronnie likely kills Unique when the latter tells him that he has become a nobody. Upon realizing that his brother killed Deen, Unique understands that the former’s actions are going to make his life and business tougher. The drug lord beats Ronnie up to remind him that he is the “big dog” in the game now. Unique hopes to make it clear to Ronnie that he doesn’t want a nobody to mess with his affairs. Ronnie then retaliates back by trying to kill his brother. After dumping Unique in a ditch, Ronnie must be hoping to become the “big dog” his brother had been until now.

Ronnie must be hoping to replace Unique in the drug scene of Queens. Since Unique’s absence is the one thing Juliana asks for to accept him as a business partner, Ronnie may even have thought about her demand while hitting his brother with a rod. Considering the enmity between Unique and Juliana, the latter may welcome Ronnie with open hands if she learns that the ex-con tried to kill his brother for her. If Ronnie can secure the supply of drugs through Juliana, he is very well back in the game irrespective of Unique’s fate.

If Unique is alive, the rest of the third season may focus on the battle between him and Ronnie, who likely will team up with Juliana. They may fight for the monopoly to deal drugs in their “jurisdiction” and Ronnie’s life may hang by a thread since his brother will be vengeful. If Unique is dead as the ex-con believes, the latter may wage a war against Raq since he believes that she manipulated his brother to become the queen of the drug scene of Queens.

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