Why Did Lou Kill D-Wiz in Power Book III Raising Kanan?

Derek Washington AKA D-Wiz is only one of the several victims of Louis “Lou-Lou” Thomas in Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan.’ Still, the death of the young boy continues to haunt Lou, who has been realizing that several of the choices he made over the years were wrong. In the third episode of season 3, Lou gets unsettled with the vision of D-Wiz. As he deals with the loss of Zisa and his sister Raquel “Raq” Thomas’ decision to “get out of the game,” the wrongdoings Lou committed in the past are bothering him, which prominently includes what he did to his nephew Kanan Stark’s friend! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Raq’s Sacrificial Lamb

Lou kills D-Wiz for his sister Raq. In the first season, Kanan tries his best to be a part of his mother Raq’s gang despite the latter’s severe opposition to the same. When Raq makes it clear that she doesn’t want her son to get entangled in a life-threatening web of crimes and narcotics, Kanan decides to ignore the same. He teams up with his friends from school, including D-Wiz, to show up in the hood as Raq’s “men” and do a job for her. To convince his mother about his capabilities, Kanan decides to kill Buck Twenty, one of his schoolmates who sells drugs.

Kanan chooses Buck believing that the latter is selling drugs on one of Raq’s corners. However, Raq has already passed the place to Unique as part of their deal. Buck has been selling drugs on the corner as one of Unique’s boys. Furthermore, the senior boy is dating Davina Harrison, who Kanan adores. Since he cannot stand Buck being affectionate with the girl he loves, Kanan decides to end Buck’s life and does the same with the help of D-Wiz and others. Buck’s murder unsettles his family and Unique’s gang, who demand vengeance.

When Raq learns about the foolish deed Kanan committed, she goes to Unique to settle the matter. She knows that Buck’s family and her rival’s gang would do anything to spill her son’s blood if they came to know that Kanan killed the boy. Unique is ready to help Raq for a hefty price. To protect her “blood,” Raq agrees to the same. Meanwhile, Unique informs her that someone should die from her side and a body should show up in the streets for his men to calm down. Unique doesn’t want his men to think that he wouldn’t do anything against the ones who killed one of their own.

Thus, Raq decides to sacrifice D-Wiz to protect Kanan. Since Lou is one of Raq’s trusted generals, she asks him to kill the boy and leave his body on the streets for Unique’s gang and Buck’s folks to see. Although Lou is conflicted about murdering an innocent boy, Raq makes him do it for her. As always, Lou then follows the order of his sister. When D-Wiz goes to Kanan’s house, Lou meets him and makes the former accompany him. The duo then stops at a club and Lou pays a prostitute to show the boy “heaven” before he sends the kid to the same place. Once D-Wiz is done, Lou kills him.

Lou always does what Raq asks him to. When he learns that Raq also partially owns his studio, he finally realizes he is a toy his sister controls. The realization not only upsets him but also makes him question his past deeds, including murdering D-Wiz. The boy’s presence in Lou’s life, even after the former’s death, displays the guilt he carries within himself.

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