Is Sal Boselli Dead? Did Michael Rispoli Leave Power Book III Raising Kanan?

In the second episode of Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ season 3, Sal Boselli’s life gets threatened when Stefano Marchetti asks Raquel “Raq” Thomas to end the nuisance of their friend in Newark. Although Raq reveals to him that she is out of the “game,” which makes her opt for a conversation with Sal over a hit on him, Stefano insists on the drug lord’s death if the former doesn’t want to get killed. Raq realizes that it is either her or Sal, which leads him to her trusted general and brother Marvin Thomas, only for the latter to set out to kill Sal! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Raq’s Endgame Against Sal

Stefano seeks Raq and her resources to kill Sal because of the latter’s repeated mistakes. In addition to the several missteps he has already committed, Sal sets out to kill Raq, Marvin, Louis “Lou-Lou” Thomas, and Unique in the second season finale. Although the four of them survive the attacks, which kill several others, the hit seemingly turns out to be a fatal step by the lord of Newark. Stefano grows tired of Sal’s actions without enough thought, which convinces him that the latter should exist no more. However, the “principles” of Stefano and his allies prevent him from turning against one of their partners directly. Thus, he asks for Raq’s assistance to pull the trigger.

When Raq tells Stefano that she cannot do the job for him, he reminds her that he needs the noise Sal has been making with her gone. Raq understands that the brutal man will kill her if Sal continues to live. Killing Raq won’t solve Stefano’s problems completely, especially since Sal is expected to make mistakes that will cause trouble again, which is also why he sides with the former rather than their friend in Newark. Having said that, Raq knows that it is not wise to make Stefano choose the temporary relief he will gain by killing her. Stefano promises her that their business will come to an end if she does the job for him.

Raq assigns Marvin to kill Sal. He dresses up as a mailman and waits outside a church for Sal. After the drug lord comes out of the place to pose for a photograph, Marvin kills him. The second episode of the season ends with Sal lying by the steps of the church, seemingly lifeless.

Michael Rispoli’s Future in Raising Kanan

Even though neither Starz nor Michael Rispoli has announced the actor’s departure from ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan,’ Sal’s death makes it clear that we most likely won’t see Rispoli in the crime drama in a regular capacity. Sal’s demise concludes the arc of the character, leaving no scope for Rispoli to continue appearing in the show. Since Marvin shoots at the drug lord’s head to ensure his instant death, we may not need to expect the latter to “come back from death” as Malcolm Howard does earlier in the series. Sal’s death isn’t a surprise, especially since the tension between him and Raq reaches its pinnacle in the second season.

Sal’s attack on Raq and her family nearly concludes their storyline. Considering that focusing on the same in the third season will appear repetitive, it is understandable that the writers of the installment chose to kill him off. Still, Rispoli may appear in flashback scenes in the future as Sal. The narratives in the ‘Power’ universe employ flashback sequences as a reliable tool. If Raq and Stefano’s intricate partnership remains an integral part of the season, Rispoli may feature in a scene or two set in the past in a guest capacity.

Although Sal will be missed as the season progresses, the admirers of Rispoli can await his performance in Stephen Chbosky’s upcoming film ‘Nonnas,’ also featuring Vince Vaughn and Susan Sarandon. He is also a part of the cast of Nicholas Turturro’s ‘Bless Me Father,’ starring Michael Rapaport.

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