Where is Ramy Youssef From? Is He Married?

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The creator of ‘Ramy’ and comedian Ramy Youssef has flourished in the entertainment industry. While Ramy is of Egyptian descent, he wasn’t born there. His parents were of Egyptian nationality who migrated and settled in Queens, New York City, where Ramy was born later on, on March 26, 1991. He has a sister, but he never revealed any information about his family members, not even their names or professions.


Raised in Rutherford, New Jersey, in America in a Muslim household, Ramy has, unfortunately, of course, faced a lot of obstacles, especially when it comes to racism and Islamophobia. But, he hasn’t let what others have to say take him away from his own belief. Still a devout Muslim today, Ramy’s work, whether in his series or his stand up comedy, is derived from his experiences and is a perfect blend of faith and obscenity.


Ramy Youssef Girlfriend

Although Ramy has never been married and currently seems to be single, we do know that he dated Australian actress Maia Mitchell from 2012-2014. However, as Ramy is quite private about his personal life, he has never revealed any details as to how their romance blossomed or even why the couple split up after almost two years of going steady and strong.

As far as his love-life after Maia is concerned, the comedian has kept it private as well. Even though he keeps his relationships on the down-low, he doesn’t shy away from talking about girls or dating or his experiences in his stand-up routines. Usually, they are a bit lewd and graphic, but it makes up for good comedy.

Because ‘Ramy‘ is a sort of semi-autobiographical series based on his life, considering how the comedy is about the experiences of a Muslim-American, we think it’s safe to assume that his real-life dating experiences have made its way into the series as well. Which means that Ramy isn’t too fussy about the women he gets romantically involved with when it comes to their religion and faith.

Ramy Youssef Kids

Ramy does not have any children as of yet. However, from his Instagram profile, it does look like he is the proud owner of an adorable dog named Habibi. As soon as there is any update in his personal life, whether relationship or kids, we’ll let you know, right here.


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