Rasa Bagdonaviciute’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Real Estate Advisor?

A proud native of Lithuania, Rasa Bagdonaviciute was reportedly just a young girl when she figured out her calling was any industry wherein she could showcase her communications skills. As explored in Netflix’s ‘Buying London,’ she does wear her heart upon her sleeve owing to the way she was raised and often craves validation above all else, yet these are the exact reasons she makes a great real estate advisor. After all, they make her empathetic, understanding, and meticulous to the core, which in turn enables her to go above and beyond to help her clients land their dream home.

How Did Rasa Bagdonaviciute Earn Her Money?

It was back in 2007 when Rasa enrolled at the public research Vilnius University to pursue a Bachelor’s in International Business, which she earned with complete credits in 2011 after also obtaining a summer degree in the same from Coastal Carolina University in 2010. However, the truth is she didn’t wait until her studies were over to kickstart her career; she actually did so in 2009 by becoming a Customer Service Consultant at a technology company called Bite Lietuva UAB in her homeland, only to then relocate to London, United Kingdom within the year of her graduation.

In other words, Rasa was in the UK and working as a Customer Service Assistant at Genting Casinos by January 2012, shortly following which she took up Property Consultantcy at Taktical Realty Group from December 2013-July 2015. But alas, the truth is that throughout this time, she also served as a freelance Brand Ambassador for Expo Stars Interactive Ltd and also rejoined Genting Casinos in 2014 as a Customer Relations Manager. This is where she actually remained for the ensuing eight years, that is, until Daniel Daggers took her under his wings in October 2022, and she joined DDRE Globas as a Real Estate Advisor for Prime residential estates.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute’s Net Worth

While it’s unclear precisely how much a Customer Service Consultant makes in Lithuania on average, we do know their salary is approximately £24,126 per year in London, England. And when this turns into an executive role, that is, of a manager or administrator, this average income increases by at least £13,000 and becomes an astounding £37,686 per year. As for the average pay of a brand ambassador in England, this comes up to be roughly £14 per hour, meaning Rasa was honestly earning significantly even when she was not serving as a real estate agent dealing in properties worth £4-7 million on average at a 3% commission rate.

Therefore, assuming Rasa has managed her finances well over all the years she has been working in the form of savings as well as investments (nearly 50%), her return on these should be approximately 5%. So, with her average commissions of £70,125 per deal, her income through all her other professions, plus her return on savings and investments, we estimate her net worth to be close to £3 million, which is close to $4 million.

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