Rebel Moon Part 1 Tribute: How Did Chris Strother and Staci Yamano Die?

Netflix’s epic science-fiction opera film ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire’ ends with a tribute to the loving memory of Chris Strother and Staci Yamano. Both Strother and Yamano were crew members of the movie. The former served as a still photographer while the latter worked as the stunt office coordinator. Strother’s appealing works are a significant part of the film’s promotional campaigns. Since the movie heavily relies on stunts for thrills, it is safe to say that Yamano played a pivotal role in coordinating the same. Both of them unfortunately passed away before the shooting of the film was completed.

Chris Strother’s Life and Death

Paula Christine Strother was born on November 19, 1963, to Lee and Joyce Strother in Anaheim, California. After growing up in Victorville, she attended Azusa Pacific University, from where she graduated in Business Administration. During her university years, Chris’ passion for photography increased as she was often spotted with multiple cameras at various games and events. She then attended Pasadena Art Center to learn photography. After graduating, she made a living as a photographer, shooting musicians, artists, and several other celebrities, in addition to working as a director of music videos and commercials. Chris was also a skier and snowboarder.

Chris died on November 30, 2022, after battling cancer, at her home in Altadena, California. Her last days were peaceful. She was surrounded by her son Eli Cash, father Lee, and a few close friends. “I loved you so much and always will and it breaks my heart to say that I’ve lost my closest friend. you really knew how to live your life and always shared that with me, and I will forever be grateful,” Eli shared after his mother’s death. “It’s been a long battle but that never stopped you from doing the things you loved with the people you loved. I love you so much Mom,” he added.

Before Chris’ death, she toured through Europe with Eli in August 2022. The adventurers’ trip even included cliff jumping in Greece.

Staci Yamano’s Life and Death

Staci Tamiko Yamano Kent was a California born sansei. An art graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles, Yamano’s career started as an employee at Interscope Records. She handled the promotional and touring activities of several renowned artists, including Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, No Doubt, Snow Patrol, N.E.R.D., etc. After leaving Interscope, she joined Atom Factory Music as an artist manager. Her clients at the time included Greyson Chance, The Ceremonies, Fareoh, etc. Since 2015, Yamano has been working as a freelance project manager. Her areas of expertise ranged from home renovation to travel coordination.

Yamano died on September 22, 2022, due to a tragic automobile accident. “Staci was driving to work on the freeway early in the morning and came upon a car accident and as she has been doing her entire life, pulled over to help. Moments after she exited her car, tragedy struck and shattered our world forever,” her brother Scott shared. The accident occurred on 105 Freeway. Yamano sustained blunt trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene of the unfortunate incident. She is survived by her husband Daniel Kent, parents Fred and Patty Yamano, and Scott, along with two dogs and the extended family.

“Can’t believe it’s been a year. Miss you forever Staci,” Scott shared on the first death anniversary of his sister. He is a still photographer whose credits include Netflix originals such as ‘Murder Mystery 2’ and ‘Hustle.’

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