Is Darrian Bloodaxe Dead? Is Ray Fisher in Rebel Moon Part 2?

In Netflix’s epic science fiction film ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire,’ Darrian Bloodaxe’s life gets threatened when he joins the forces of Kora to defeat the Imperium. Darrian has been revolting against the authoritarian government of the Motherworld along with his sister Devra Bloodaxe for a considerable while. When Kora approaches him, he realizes that his small rebellions are not enough to see the fall of the Imperium, which motivates him to join the growing army of Veldt. He then puts his life on the line to honor his alliance and the cause he believes in! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Darrian Bloodaxe’s Sacrifice

Towards the end of the science fiction film, Kai takes Kora, Darrian, and the rest of the rebels to a trading post under the pretense of completing his business transactions. Trusting Kai, they land in the place, only to get locked up by the soldiers serving the Imperium. Admiral Atticus Noble, who fails to find the Bloodaxes on the planet of Sharaan, happily arrives at the trading post to ensure the end of Darrian’s rebellion against the government. However, Gunnar’s courage and quick thinking pave the way for his independence, only for him to continue fighting the enemy soldiers.

While the battle between the soldiers of Noble and the Rebels progresses, Darrian notices that two of the former are targeting his followers. Even after knowing that he won’t survive the attack, Darrian sacrifices his life and kills the two soldiers to ensure the survival of his allies. Darrian chooses death because he wants to help his brave followers after seeing them perish one by one. As a leader, he is not someone who stays back. Thus, he leads by example and fights the pilots of a warship irrespective of the price he has to pay for it. Darrian’s sacrifice saves the life of Kora and the rest of the Rebels, who end up on Veldt.

Ray Fisher Most Likely Will Not Appear in Rebel Moon Part 2

Since Darrian Bloodaxe dies in ‘Part One: A Child of Fire,’ it is unlikely that Ray Fisher is a part of the cast of ‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver.’ Kora returns to Veldt, along with her new friends, accepting Darrian’s death. Since the farmers of the moon don’t have the resources to give new life to a lifeless body, as the Imperium does with Admiral Noble, the warrior may remain dead. Therefore, we may not need to expect Fisher to reprise his character in the sequel to the space opera film. The actor is not the only one who won’t feature in the second film. Director Zack Snyder confirmed that Charlie Hunnam won’t appear in the sequel after the death of his character, Kai.

Although Darrian is not alive, we can expect Millius to honor his death by fighting against the Imperium in the impending war. The warrior is one of the survivors of the showdown between the Rebels and Noble’s forces. Millius may try to ensure that Darrian didn’t sacrifice his life for a failing cause. The dead rebel’s sister Devra Bloodaxe and her army may seek vengeance for her brother’s death in the sequel by joining Kora and her group. In the first movie, Devra and her followers succeed in escaping from Sharaan before Noble arrives on the planet seeking her and her brother.

Even though Fisher’s involvement in the two-part film series possibly ends with ‘Part One: A Child of Fire,’ the movie gave him an opportunity to reunite with Snyder, who gave him his feature film debut. “My first feature film was with Zack Snyder, back in 2016 [‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’]. I took every opportunity I could to let folks know, ‘It’ll be fine. It’s going to be great,’” Fisher told Digital Spy. “I knew there’d be one constant, in that Zack is who Zack is. […] He’ll take care of us and make sure that we have everything that we need and the best possible chance for success,’” he added.

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