Is Veldt a Real Moon? Where is it Located?

Most of the scenes in Netflix’s ‘Rebel Moon’ movies, ‘A Child of Fire’ and ‘The Scargiver,’ take place on a moon named Veldt. The place is home to a farming community that grows wheat, attracting the attention of the Motherworld, a collection of planets. Veldt is not based on any moon or celestial body in the known universe. It is located in a fictional galaxy that is expected to be far from the solar system. Still, Zack Snyder and his writers drew inspiration from several real-life elements to conceive the world of Veldt. These elements succeed in making the moon and its inhabitants closer to our reality!

The Inspiration Behind Veldt

Zack Snyder and his writers, Kurt Johnstad and Shay Hatten, drew inspiration from the world of the Vikings to create Veldt. The mountains and the waterfall on the moon remind us of the Scandinavian region. Snow elk is a significant animal to Veldt’s residents. They honor Tarak by comparing him to the animal, as they share similar untamable spirits. Jimmy also encounters a snow elk’s corpse, which makes him wear its antlers. In reality, elks are found throughout Scandinavia. The connection with reality doesn’t end with the Vikings and their Scandinavian region.

Providence, a place on Veldt, appears similar to a Japanese frontier town. The bar in the region may remind viewers of the brothels in Japan. The particular appearance may not even be accidental. It can be a nod to Akira Kurosawa’s legendary and highly influential classic ‘Seven Samurai.’ The Japanese film revolves around a veteran samurai who teams up with six others to protect a village from bandits. The plot of the two ‘Rebel Moon’ films is not different as both movies follow Kora’s efforts to gather rebels to protect her village on Veldt from the “bandits” known as the army of Imperium.

Snyder mainly built Veldt in Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, California. The Veldt village was set up on a parking lot. The fields on Veldt were prepared in both Blue Cloud and Simi Valley. “We had one in Simi Valley, California, that was about five acres wide that was planted specifically for scenes that had to showcase the expansiveness of Veldt,” Stefan Dechant, one of the production designers, told Netflix’s Tudum. “Then we had a smaller one planted in the main village set at Blue Cloud studios in Santa Clarita that was about two-and-a-half, three acres large,” he added. Snyder and his team planted real wheat on the fields we see on the moon in ‘The Scargiver.’

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