Rebel Moon: How is Princess Issa Still Alive? Where is She?

Netflix’s space opera ‘Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver’ ends with General Titus’ revelation that Princess Issa is alive. Kora/Arthelais escapes from the King’s Gaze, believing she killed the princess for her adoptive father, Regent Balisarius. When she learns that she hasn’t murdered the princess, she decides to find and fight for her. Titus and her other surviving associates join her, along with Devra Bloodaxe, who arrives in Veldt to honor the sacrifice of her brother, Darrian Bloodaxe. Issa’s survival of Kora’s attack is ambiguous but not surprising. The divine power she displays in ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire’ can be the key to understanding how she defeats death! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Princess Issa’s Life-Saving Power

In ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire,’ Kora reveals her life as Arthelais, the adoptive daughter of Balisarius and the guard of Princess Issa, to her friends and associates. She explains to them that Issa has life-saving power. When her pet dog killed a bird, the princess used her power to resurrect the dead creature, stunning Arthelais. During her time as the princess’ guard, she went on to see many more examples of Issa’s power, which makes it clear that her ability as a “life-giver” is not limited. If that’s the case, the princess must have used the power on herself to resurrect from death.

Issa might have known the extent of her power, which can be why she forgave Arthelais before the latter shot the little girl down. The princess must have realized she wouldn’t die regardless of what her guard did to her. Knowing that Balisarius brainwashed Arthelais enough to turn against her, she might not have wanted her companion to immerse in guilt, especially when she wouldn’t die. Death is something without finality in the Motherworld. Admiral Atticus Noble’s return to life despite Kora killing him at the end of ‘A Child of Fire’ indicates that Balisarius knows how to meddle with death.

After learning about Issa’s inexplicable strength, Balisarius might have even decided against killing the princess. He must have forced Arthelais to shoot at the princess to break his adoptive daughter’s grit and banish her to the gallows. After hiding Issa, he might have started to try to garner the strength of immortality from the princess. That can also be why he hides from his closest allies and uses Noble to lead the Imperium.

Balisarius Must Have Hidden Princess Issa

Princess Issa’s existence threatens Balisarius’ authority the most. When Issa first displayed her lifesaving ability, her father, the King, decided to end the wars he started and become a benevolent man like his daughter. That was why he ended his plans to expand the realm of the Motherworld through bloodshed. Balisarius killed the King and the Queen on the occasion of dedicating a new dreadnought that would have led the kingdom to a peaceful time. By slaughtering the King and the Queen, Balisarius also killed the only chance the Motherworld had to embrace peace and hope instead of wars.

If Issa’s possible immortality becomes public knowledge, Balisarius’ authority will be questioned. As the rightful heir to the throne, she will become the ruler of the Motherworld. Considering that the princess is also a witness to the murders of the King and Queen, she is expected to hang Balisarius for treason and murder. Therefore, it is seemingly his priority to keep Issa hidden from the rest of his kingdom to ensure he is seated on the throne. He must have hidden her somewhere only his closest allies could enter. As his general, Titus might have had access to the place, which explains how he knows the princess is alive.

‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire’ ends with Balisarius meeting Atticus Noble in an otherworldly realm different from the worlds, planets, or moons we have encountered in the two ‘Rebel Moon’ films. Balisarius must have hidden Issa in the same realm to eliminate any threat to the secret he has been keeping and to ensure that the princess wouldn’t escape from his hands. If he tries to extract her powers, such an otherworldly realm might also be necessary. Regardless of where Issa is, Kora and her army’s journey to find the princess may be difficult.

If the third ‘Rebel Moon’ film materializes, we may see Kora using Titus as her guide to find Issa. Titus may know where she is hidden or how to reach the undisclosed location. Even though he is banished from the Imperium, he may still have well-wishers in the Motherworld who can help him and Kora to lead Issa back to the world from where she was taken away. That can be how Kora will attain redemption for turning against the royal family and the princess who trusted her.

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