Red Right Hand (2024): Where Was the Movie Filmed?

Directed by Ian Nelms and Eshom Nelms, ‘Red Right Hand’ is an action thriller that stars Orlando Bloom as Cash. A reformed criminal mourning the loss of his sister, he keeps a watchful eye on her husband and daughter. When their family farm is threatened, Cash is drawn back into the fold of the local crime syndicate. Led by the villainous Queenpin Big Cat (Andie MacDowell), these criminals force Cash to put his life on the line and perform their dirty deeds.

Cash resorts to his old habits to protect the town and the only family he has left. As his journey becomes increasingly treacherous, the lines between good and evil blur. Reflecting a gritty neo-western style, the intense on-screen violence in ‘Red Right Hand’ is driven by its stark surroundings. These visually appealing backdrops not heighten the movie’s suspense but also influence Cash’s motivations.

Red Right Hand Filming Locations

‘Red Right Hand’ is set in a small village surrounded by the Appalachian hills of the fictional Odim County. Filming took place entirely in Kentucky, leveraging the state’s small-town and rural landscapes to create a lived-in community on screen. The filmmakers transformed the scruffy yet functional working farms with crumbling storage barns and dirt paths to fit the narrative. The month-long filming schedule occurred in April and May 2022, with the southeastern state’s mountain ranges in Henry, Jefferson, Fayette, and Bullitt counties playing a vital role in the action-adventure.

Henry County, Kentucky

In Henry County, the city of Campbellsburg, situated halfway between Louisville and Cincinnati, served as a significant filming location. The Campbellsburg Baptist Church and its parsonage were used for several scenes. The church’s current Pastor even appeared on screen, seen on the phone in the parking lot during a threatening scene involving Finney. Filming in this area faced delays due to a water leakage near the church, causing extra time to be spent barricading Hillsboro Road.

Another notable location in Campbellsburg was the Sheriff’s Office. Crews spent several days constructing sets inside the building, completely transforming rooms from floor to ceiling. The Sheriff’s station logo was changed to read “Odim County,” the fictional town where the story occurs. Additionally, the newly renovated courthouse was utilized to create a stately town setting, and a new McMansion build was used to represent Big Cat’s status and corruption. The jail in New Castle, another city in Henry County, was also used.

Jefferson County, Kentucky

The largest city in Jefferson County, Louisville, was used as a filming location. Areas near the Cherokee Triangle are also featured in the film. The region is part of the Elizabethtown–Fort Knox, Kentucky Metropolitan Statistical Area, marking Orlando Bloom’s return to the region after working in Cameron Crowe’s 2005 rom-com ‘Elizabethtown.’ Bloom’s wife, pop sensation Katy Perry, and their daughter accompanied him during the shoot, sparking significant local interest. The couple even attended the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Fayette County, Kentucky

‘Red Right Hand’ was also filmed in the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area. Lexington provided several urban backdrops for the movie. The city’s Paracorp Incorporated at 828 Lane Allen Road 219 served as one of the filming sites. In an interview with Collider, the directing duo revealed that the shoot faced numerous challenges due to unpredictable weather. Tornadoes, rainstorms, and thunderstorms with lightning strikes disrupted the schedule. Initially planned as a 35-day shoot, it was reduced to 31-and-a-half days due to these conditions.

Bullitt, Kentucky

In Bullitt County, the city of Shepherdsville near Salt River was another filming site. Filming in this area was an improvised decision following frequent disruptions due to inclement weather, which caused the production to shift locations temporarily. The crew had to pause the shooting of a major house scene and resume it later, resulting in additional filming in various locations for about a week. They eventually returned to complete the shootout sequence. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Shepherdsville helped the crew bring an authentic and vivid appearance to ‘Red Right Hand.’

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