Renee Talley: The Botched Star is an Aesthetician Now

Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures should be carried out under the supervision of qualified medical professionals and are not suitable for everyone. Following trends to attain an “ideal” body type can be risky and should not be pursued without the necessary medical care, which can be quite costly for most individuals. In the first season of ‘Botched,’ Renee Talley’s story came to light, revealing her challenging journey and the need for assistance. This is when Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif stepped in to help Renee Talley regain her sense of self.

Renee Talley’s Botched Journey

Renee had been employed as a stripper in Las Vegas for many years. Over a decade ago, during a time when the cosmetic industry was experiencing a boom in procedures like butt implants and enhancements, she succumbed to the desire to make her buttocks appear larger. Lacking the financial means to consult a reputable and qualified surgeon, she sought an underground procedure around 2010 to regain fullness in the upper part of her buttocks. This led her to opt for silicon injections. Unaware of the potential side effects and risks associated with silicone injections, Renee began to experience stomach problems and gastrointestinal issues.

Image Credit: Renee Talley/Facebook

Over approximately six months, Renee suffered from significant fatigue and endured sensitivity and pain in the vicinity of her buttocks. Concerned about her symptoms, she opted for an MRI to diagnose the issue. The results revealed that the silicon injections had migrated to her back and her legs, leading to the development of an autoimmune disease. The doctor proposed the removal of the silicon, but he cautioned that this might result in certain deformities as the tissue would need to be repositioned. Renee, acknowledging her vanity, opted for a different approach, stating, “Me being vain, I didn’t want that. I decided to put an implant in to fill in the space where the silicone was removed.”

Unfortunately, in her haste to attain the desired look, Renee didn’t heed the doctor’s advice to wait for six months before getting the implants. The implant surgery did not unfold as she had hoped. Renee experienced extreme discomfort and could even feel the implant at the lower part of her buttock when she touched it. She posted a video in which her implant had turned completely inside out, with the flat side protruding from her buttock, making it look unnaturally flat. In the video, she carefully repositioned the implant, emphasizing that it wasn’t supposed to behave this way.

The video became viral almost instantly and got over a million views in just a few hours. Renee was already known, albeit infamously, when she met the doctors on ‘Botched.’ They explained to her that the placement of the butt implants had been incorrect, and she should have waited for the surgery. Renee took full responsibility for her actions, stating, “It’s something I did to myself, so I’m going to have to learn to live with it. I’m probably never going to be able to fix the imperfection. If you ruin it, you can’t go back and fix it.” However, there was a glimmer of hope for Renee. The doctors successfully removed her implants, relieving her of her discomfort.

Where is Renee Talley Now?

Renee Talley still had indentations from where her implants had been removed. In 2017, she sought the expertise of Dr. Khadavi, who assisted her in addressing these indentations by using Sculptra injections. Sculptra is a collagen filler that stimulates the body to produce collagen over time, resulting in a more natural appearance. Renee has obtained her Master’s degree as a Medical Aesthetician and specializes in advanced aesthetics.

On the professional front, Renee has founded her skincare brand, Love The Skin Ur In, where she assists people in feeling confident and comfortable in their skin through various treatments and facials. She has established a substantial online presence and remains highly engaged on the internet. Renee is a proud mother and grandmother, often sharing glimpses of her family alongside snippets of her journey of growth and rejuvenation. At 54-years-old, Renee appears poised to take on the world.

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