Where Was Renovation, Inc Filmed?

If you are a fan of home renovation shows, you certainly know who Bryan and Sarah Baeumler – the stars of the hit HGTV series, ‘Renovation Island’ – are! For over a decade, Bryan Baeumler, the son of a meticulous aircraft engineer, has been using the tricks of the trade he learned from his father to revamp or replace properties and help his clients achieve the house of their dreams. And extending a helping hand to Bryan concerning the designs, is his partner and wife, Sarah Baeumler. In 2020, HGTV dropped ‘Renovation, Inc’ that takes the viewers back to the couple’s hometown.

The home building reality series puts the spotlight on the humble beginnings of the husband and wife and documents their life before they became renowned home-builders. It transports the viewers back in time, to the time when Sarah joined Bryan’s construction business as a project manager and together the pair built their entire business with determination, skills, and teamwork. Throughout the series, the couple renovates multiple houses and satiate the desire of several clients with Bryan’s building experience and Sarah’s eye for aesthetics. Before being imported by HGTV for the U.S. audience, the show first premiered on HGTV Canada in 2016 under the name ‘Bryan Inc’ and became one of the highest-rated shows on the platform. Let’s find out where ‘Renovation, Inc’ was filmed!

Renovation, Inc Filming Locations

The show gives a closer look at Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s lives as they strive to strike a balance between raising four children and trying to meet the deadlines of the multiple renovation projects as part of the deals of their construction company. The show was extensively filmed in Canada, in the northern part of North America.

Ontario, Canada

To film the prequel series, the production department flew down to Ontario, where the Baeumler’s family is based. The filming covers the projects undertaken by the licensed contractor’s construction company, Baeumler Quality Construction, which operates from Greater Toronto Area and is located in Burlington and Oakville, Ontario. Soon his home designer wife, Sarah, steps in as the project manager and the duo manage to build several houses, most of which have now been sold.

All the properties are located in and around Ontario, in the Great White North. One of the houses, known as the Highview property, is located in the heart of Burlington. Touted as Sarah’s first “green” project, the couple made sure the house stands up the claim by planting several planters and shrubs around the property. The house is also embellished with spotlights and stones that enhance its beauty.

HGTV Canada

The interior is decorated with more spotlights, chandeliers, oversized couches, chairs, and other furniture that goes with the wallpapers and also compliments the natural surrounding that is visible through the wide glass on the sides of the house, especially the living room.

HGTV Canada

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