Review: ZeroZeroZero Episode 7

ZeroZeroZero Season 2

In its sixth episode, ‘ZeroZeroZero’ had Chris and Emma arrive safely in Casablanca, leaving Stefano’s fate hanging, and focused on the rise of Leyra’s drug cartel with the help of Manuel. The story moves forward as Stefano faces the consequences of his actions. His short-sightedness regarding the plot against his own grandfather turned around on him. Don Minu gave him a chance to right the wrong, but Curtiga will not be so forgiving and merciful. From the previous trend, Stefano’s actions have resulted in a terrible ripple effect on Chris and Emma. The cycle repeats this time as well.

ZeroZeroZero Episode 7 Recap

Stefano is patched up by Curtiga, but his wounds suggest that he wasn’t shot the way he said he was. The wound is clearly self-inflicted, which means that he did it to himself because he wanted his grandfather to escape. Stefano asks his wife to go into hiding and contact his grandfather. Before Lucia and her son can be safely taken away, they are found by Curtiga’s men and used as the leverage to make Stefano spill information. He had told them about the cargo that was supposed to sink in the ocean but was saved. In exchange for the safety of his family, he leads them to the shipment which is in Casablanca with Emma and Chris.

We do some catching up with the Lynwoods, in the meanwhile. After surviving several trials and tribulations, they finally relax and have a good time, make some new friends. Chris’s situation worsens as his spasms intensify. The next day, Emma goes to the dock to see off the cargo, and in her absence, Chris is abducted by Curtiga and Stefano.

ZeroZeroZero Episode 7 Review

The rhythm that ‘ZeroZeroZero’ had picked up in the sixth episode, after losing a beat in the fifth, continues in the penultimate episode of the season. We find Stefano caught in a situation where he has to make hard choices, not just for himself but also for the lives of his wife and son. He had chosen to side with his grandfather in the war that he himself had started. This flipping over did not sit well with his co-conspirators and they want reasons for why he, and his family, should be allowed to live.

Stefano can’t give up his grandfather, mainly because he doesn’t know where the old man is, but he does know about the shipment that he had tried so hard to stop. He offers them the only thing he has and they arrive in Casablanca. Once again, his path crosses with the Lynwood siblings, and this leads to a tragedy that has most likely sealed the fate of Stefano.

Ever since Chris left with the ship, everything has gone downhill for him. First, he was betrayed by the men who were vouched by his father, who is already dead. Then, he was stranded in the middle of the ocean, without his meds. By a stroke of luck, he survived, but the shipment was withheld, which created more problems in Senegal. When he and Emma escaped from there, they had to spend a couple of days with terrorists, which led to the death of one of their friends. In this episode, they are allowed to catch their breath. We are given a glimpse of the life that Chris should have lived all along.

As he further falls into the grips of the disease that is pushing him towards death, he realises that he never really lived the life that he did have. For one day, he gets to be a normal person, who goes to a party and meets a nice girl. But, once again, his degrading body reminds him that it won’t get better for him. This episode gives him a necessary reprieve from the hardships that he has faced, particularly in the past few weeks. It also allows the audience to see a livelier side of him, as opposed to the diseased and depressed, abandoned and strained side that we had become familiar with.

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