Who is Rhino on The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer‘ Season 3 on Fox is headed to an end after treating us to a fantastic competition. One of the performers who has turned things around is Rhino. While he did great in the group stages, when the competition heated up, it seemed that Rhino would be sent home. However, over the last two episodes, the singer dressed in the old-school aviator outfit has managed to outshine several talented contestants. Naturally, this might make you wonder all the more about Rhino’s true identity. We have got you covered with the latest clues and guesses right here.

Clues About Rhino:

Rhino’s latest clue package starts with him refreshing our memories about his performance in Episode 13. Even he’s noticed that it was outstanding, and he says it is because he thought of his wife the entire time. Once again, we are reminded about how his partner helped him during a tough time when he was really low. Rhino tells us that he was content being alone, but after meeting the love of his life and having kids, he has become a family man. Now that it has become the best way of life for him, Rhino’s prepared to croon some more romantic songs to see him through the competition.

Visually, we see a sign that says hill, and has a speed limit of 15 miles per hour, with a warning about a $30 fine being charged upon breaking the limit. We also see ballet shoes, a picture of three baby elephants, and a turkey hand drawing. Lastly, Rhino also presents his ‘borrowed from home’ clue, which is a Navy hat. The performer says that he’s worn many different hats, but this one holds special meaning. Check out the clue package below.

Guesses About Rhino:

We have maintained that Barry Zito is wearing the Rhino mask for quite some time. The latest clues only point to the former baseball pitcher all the more. For example, the Navy hat is a clear reference to ‘JAG,’ the television series. As you know, the show deals with investigations within the Navy and is a well-loved procedural. Panelists like Ken Jeong make the ‘JAG’ connection, but don’t guess Zito’s name. The baseball player appeared in the role of P. O. Crawford in an episode titled “The Boast.”

The picture of three baby elephants is a nod to Zito’s children. He has three kids, a son named Mars, an adopted son named Mercer Joseph Zito, and a third son named Rome. The ballet shoes might throw you off a bit, but if you dig into it a little, you’ll realize that the ever talented Zito was also part of a ballet. He appeared as a wooden soldier in the Oakland Ballet’s production of ‘The Nutcracker.’ Furthermore, Zito has been quoted saying in “Baseball Eccentrics: A Definitive Look at the Most Entertaining, Outrageous and Unforgettable Characters in the Game” that when he’s doing well, it feels like he’s in a ‘nice little ballet.’ You can check out a fan’s tweet, who’s sure Zito is Rhino.

The signpost that we see in the clue package is a bit layered and requires some knowledge of Zito’s game statistics. The hill we see can be explained simply. It is the pitcher’s mound. The speed limit and the amount of the fine should only be considered for the numbers attached to them. Therefore, we should focus on 15 and 30, not the context these numbers appear in, within the clue package. A simple search with show you that Zito has played a total of 15 seasons in Major League Baseball. He also has the distinction of being one of 18 pitchers who’s recorded a win against all 30 MLB teams. You can check out a fan’s tweet, trying to explain the signpost below.

Therefore the latest clues make it clear that Barry Zito is indeed Rhino, and we can’t wait to decode more hints from the performer to ascertain it is indeed him behind the outfit.

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