Rhythm and Flow: Where Are the Contestants Now?

Image Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

Created by Jeff Gaspin, Jesse Collins, Nikki Boella, and John Legend, Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow’ is a musical reality series that first aired in 2019. The show provides a golden opportunity for several aspiring rappers who cannot wait to showcase their mettle to the world. Judging their art is none other than the trio of Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, and TI, who are well-known within the music industry for their talents.

The first, and as of writing, the only season of the show featured 9 mindblowing rappers who amassed an impressive fan following due to their performances. Naturally, people are eager to know the current whereabouts of the singer.

D Smoke is a Proud Married Man Now

Daniel Anthony Farris, more popularly known as D Smoke, ended up winning the rapping competition and the $250,000 cash prize. Since his time on the Netflix series, D Smoke has worked hard to further his career as a rap artist. In fact, his debut album, ‘Black Habits,’ was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2021 Grammy Awards. The musician himself was one of the choices for the award of Best New Artist at the same event.

Additionally, D Smoke was nominated in the Outstanding New Artist category for the 2021 NAACP Image Awards. His song, “Black Habits I,” was also nominated for Music Video of the Year by the 2021 Pop Awards. The rapper’s second album, ‘War & Wonders,’ was released on September 24, 2021, and has also gained much love from the public. D Smoke married his wife, Angelina Sherie, on July 24, 2021, and was ecstatic to share the news with the world. The couple seems to be doing well and often shares pictures of each other on social media.

Flawless Real Talk is a Proud Family Man Now

Hailing all the way from Rhode Island, we have Flawless Real Talk, the runner-up of the Netflix show who captivated the world with his musical skills. As of writing, the hip-hop artist is affiliated with R.I.S.E, which serves as his record label. The numerous songs that Flawless has released over the years have been listened to by people across the world, with “Monster” and “On My Way” having been played over 2 million times on Spotify, respectively.

Flawless’ television career is not just limited to Netflix as he has also appeared on platforms like BET, MTV, and VH1. The rapper is happily married to Kay Martinez, and the couple has two children. Their first son, Kason King, was born in May 2019, and they welcomed their second boy into this world in mid-2021. Flawless also has a daughter, who was born when the singer was a teenager. The young lady in question recently completed her graduation, much to the joy of her father.

Londynn B is a Social Media Star Now

Ranked number 3 in the singing competition, we have Londynn B, whose career as a musician is truly motivating. Her musical pieces include several standalone and the album called ‘Reset,’ which was released on October 5, 2019. Through her website, the artist offers several clothing and accessories under her own banner. She is also known for her social media content which has helped her gain over 913k Instagram followers as of writing.

Troyman is Focusing on His Music Career Today

Troy Earvin Curry, AKA TrOyMan, has certainly built up his musical career and launched many albums over the years. Some of his works include ‘What’s Not To Love?,’ ‘Insomniac,’ ‘Chocolates & Diamonds,’ etc. His brand, THE quaLITTY EXPERIENCE, allows the reality TV musician to work as a DJ and promote his various ventures within the hip-hop industry. Moreover, the artist also has a Twitch channel with 75 followers as of writing.

Caleb Colossus is Focusing on Making Music

Caleb Joshua Desamours, AKA Caleb Colossus, has worked hard to establish his presence within the hip-hop industry after his appearance in the Netflix competition. His album, “When Paint Smears,” was released in 2019 and received much love from the public. His latest album, “When the Credits Roll,” was released in November of 2022 after two years of hard work put in by Caleb. The tracks included in the projects have been well-received by his fans, who have showered the rapper with praises.

Sam Be Yourself is Leading a Happy Life Today

Popularly known as Sam Be Yourself, Peter Samuel Buis hails from Detroit, Michigan. The rapper is quite dedicated to the world of hip-hop and has been actively promoting his recently released album ‘LOVE ME.’ Apart from his success within the musical industry, Sam seems quite content in his personal life. The rapper got engaged in July 2022 after his girlfriend agreed to his proposal. The newly betrothed man is very happy with the development and has been congratulated by many of his competitors from the Netflix show. Additionally, he has a dog whom he rescued from the streets in 2019 and has come to love very much.

Ali Tomineek is Exploring His Creative Side

Let’s talk about Ali Tomineek, who is known for his work in ‘P.R.O.D.’ and ‘High Strung Free Dance,’ along with his participation in the Netflix series. Given his background as an animator, the artist often shares his animated work with the public along with his musical creations. Under the banner of 31 Squad, Ali offers people the opportunity to have him teach them video editing and animation. Additionally, he has a Snapchat series named ‘HERE WE GO,’ which has thousands of views and is presently in its second season.

Big Mouf’bo is Sharing Her Work Through Her YouTube Channel

Despite her early exit from the Netflix series, Big Mouf’bo, AKA The Gifted Idiot, has created some very entertaining musical pieces that you cannot miss out on. The artist is known for sharing her work through her YouTube channel, which has more than 230 subscribers as of writing. Additionally, the musician was a part of Uncle Hank Big Low Down’s Youtube series ‘This My Sister House .’ In fact, her participation in the third episode of the series was lauded by many due to the comedic nature of the video.

Old Man Saxon Has His Own Merchandise Now

Colorado musician Old Man Saxon may have been the first one out of the Netflix show, but he has gone on to wow his listeners with some highly captivating tracks. In fact, his song “The Perils” has been listened to over 9.3 million times on Spotify as of writing. The musician also has his own merchandise, which his fans can buy using his website. Additionally, Saxon has a YouTube channel called Old Man Saxon Skits, where he posts a variety of skit videos.

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