Rich in Love: Is Teto Fresco a Real Tomato Company?

Netflix’s Brazilian romantic film ‘Rich in Love’ follows Teto, the son of a rich tomato farm owner named Teodoro Trancoso, who falls in love with a doctor named Paula. Realizing that Paula doesn’t have any interest in spoiled rich brats like himself, Teto swaps his identity with his housekeeper’s son Igor. When Paula learns the truth about her partner’s identity, Teto sets out to prove his worth by co-founding a tomato company named “Teto Fresco.” In ‘Rich in Love 2,’ the sequel to the 2020 film, Teto tries to save his company when his father stops buying tomatoes from the same. Intrigued by Teto Fresco, we found out whether the same is based on a real tomato company. Let us share everything you need to know about the same!

Teto Fresco is Not a Real Tomato Company

Teto Fresco is not a real tomato company. The same was conceived by Bruno Garotti and Sylvio Gonçalves, the screenwriters of ‘Rich in Love.’ Although the company is fictional, Teto Fresco is an integral part of the film and its sequel’s narratives and Teto’s characterization. Teto’s decision to start the company is a sign of his growth as a person. Rather than cherishing the luxuries of his father’s fortune, Teto sets out to live independently by starting the company to prove to himself and Paula that his worth isn’t limited to his heritage and the fortunes he will inherit.

Starting a tomato company in particular is also significant as far as the narrative of ‘Rich in Love’ is concerned. Paula and Teto initially part ways when she knows that the latter’s life revolves around the money his father has made by running a tomato company. Teto then co-founds a tomato company that’s entirely different from what his father has been operating. Instead of growing tomatoes on large farms like his father, Teto grows the same on terraces upon forming a cooperative system for the same. Teto walks away from the capitalist notions of his father to essentially produce and sell the same product, which appeals to Paula, who opposes the same capitalist notions.

The differences between Teto and Teodoro’s approaches to running similar companies indicate how different the son and father are. These differences ultimately convince Paula that Teto is not growing to become someone like his father. Such a realization plays an integral role in their reunion as well. Teto Fresco embodies the changes Teto has brought to his personality. By running a cooperative tomato company, he shows Paula how he has freed himself from the walls of luxury and comfort to work hard and interact with his fellow human beings, reforming himself in between.

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