Ricky and César: Where is The Amazing Race S36 Winning Duo Now?

The 36th installment of the globe-trotting reality series ‘The Amazing Race’ took viewers on an unforgettable journey across multiple continents and nations. Hosted by the seasoned Phil Keoghan, the season commenced in the picturesque Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, before traversing through Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Barbados, and the Dominican Republic, culminating in Philadelphia after a grueling 11,711-mile race.

While the route presented formidable challenges and breathtaking vistas, it was the unlikely duo of Ricky Rotandi and César Aldrete who stole the show, defying expectations to clinch the coveted victory. The “bear-ish gay couple” charmed audiences with their determination and spirit, emerging as the champions against all odds. But where did life’s journey take these winners after their triumph on the CBS show?

Initially Billed as Underdogs, the Couple Emerged as the Unforeseen Victors

Ricky and César Aldrete, affectionately known as “The Boyfriends,” dominated the 36th season of ‘The Amazing Race,’ winning six legs and never placing lower than second except for one instance. Hailing from New York City, they defied expectations with their colorful personalities and impressive skill sets. Their journey began with a strategic advantage in Puerto Vallarta and continued with consistent excellence in various tasks, including drag, cooking, baseball, and welding.

Their remarkable navigation skills and adaptability set them apart, especially in a season where self-driving was crucial. Despite a setback in the penultimate leg due to a windsurfing challenge, they rebounded strongly in the final leg in Philadelphia. Leveraging Ricky’s experience as a mascot and his knowledge of the city, they took an early lead in the Roadblock and never looked back, ultimately securing their seventh leg win and the million-dollar prize. Their outstanding performance throughout the race cemented their legacy as one of the best teams in the franchise’s history.

The Couple Stays Winning in Life, Personally and Professionally

Since their victory on the 36th season of ‘The Amazing Race,’ Ricky Rotandi and César Aldrete have continued to live vibrant and dynamic lives. Having met in the summer of 2018, the couple has now been together for over five years. Ricky, a 34-year-old preschool teacher from New York City, and César, also 34, a talented food stylist, have leveraged their fame and skills in various exciting ventures. They recently appeared on ‘The Amazing Re-watch’ podcast, where they reminisced about their experiences on the race and shared updates on their post-race lives. Additionally, they have launched an online merchandise store called ‘Ricky and César,’ where they sell customized t-shirts.

The couple’s love for travel remains strong, as evidenced by their recent trips. In April 2024, they attended the wedding of their friends Aby and Diego in Madrid, where they also explored the historic city of Toledo and enjoyed a traditional Flamenco show. Their adventures didn’t stop there, for they also explored the scenic attractions of Colombia. Ricky continues to entertain as a cabaret singer and enjoys life with their dog, Hobo. César, meanwhile, showcases his culinary prowess both online and on television. His skills have earned him spots on shows like ‘Chopped’ and ‘Clash of the Cones.’

Beyond his professional endeavors, César enjoys the festive activity of decorating gingerbread houses, which highlights his creative flair. Ricky and César are celebrated not only for their adventures and professional achievements but also for their advocacy of LGBTQ+ rights. They use their platform to raise awareness and champion equality, frequently speaking out on social media and participating in various events and initiatives. Through their ongoing travels, entrepreneurial projects, and media appearances, Ricky and César have seamlessly blended their adventurous spirit with professional growth.

Their frequent journeys to various destinations highlight their shared lust for wandering and exploring. Meanwhile, their online store brings forth their creative flair and entrepreneurial acumen. Ricky’s performances as a cabaret singer, along with César’s television appearances on cooking shows and culinary artistry, keep them both in the spotlight. Their wholesome lifestyle and continuous pursuit of new experiences embody the same determination and zest that led them to victory on ‘The Amazing Race.’

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