Riley Reynolds: The Talent Agent Still Works in The Porn Industry

The Netflix documentary, ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ peeks into the world of the amateur porn industry by following the narratives of young sex workers from a particular Miami-based Talent Agency, Hussie Models. Numerous porn stars, such as Tressa “Stella May” Silguero and Rachel “Ava Taylor” Bernard, among others, feature in the documentary, sharing their experiences as young girls in their late teenage years who got involved in the business.

Alongside these central women, Riley Reynolds, their talent agent/recruiter, also remains an instrumental part of the documentary’s narrative, sharing behind-the-scenes information about the industry. Therefore, as the film leaves Reynolds stable and steady in his career as a Porn Industry talent agent, viewers must be wondering about the man and his career’s current whereabouts.

Riley Reynolds Founded Hussie Models

Riley Reynolds, originally born Brian O’Malley, began working within the amateur porn industry at a young age in the early 2010s when he was in his 20s. Even though he worked as a male talent for adult films himself, he’s mostly recognized for the work he did behind the camera as a Talent Agent and producer within the industry. Around the early 2010s, his agency, The Hussie Models, focused on talent on the younger end of the spectrum, usually working with girls within the 18-21 age frame. One particular instance found Reynolds referring to his employees as “teenyboppers,” asserting that “Every day another girl turns 18” while explaining the cyclic model of his profession.

As a Talent Agent who scouted young women on the internet, Reynolds regularly put up advertisements on Craigslist highlighting an all-expenses-paid-for free flight to Miami. The general respondees often understood the nature of the job and applied accordingly. From there, Reynolds would collect the talent in Miami and house them in a rented, shared Model house, where other Hussie Models actresses were located. As their agent, Reynolds reportedly took a 20% cut from his talents’ earnings and booked them gigs with companies within the industry.

Reynolds’ Miami Model House also often sheltered pet dogs, as seen in the documentary, who tended to have great relationships with the actresses. Likewise, the general environment of the agent’s workplace seemed laid-back, with a certain camaraderie among its residents. In 2023, Reynolds’ co-feature on the Netflix documentary, Tressa Silguero, spoke about her relationship with the man on a podcast, asserting they had a good, friendly rapport, where Reynolds remained an understanding agent.

Riley Reynolds Was Embroiled in a Controversy in 2018

Unlike Tressa Silguero, not every actress who worked under Hussie Models retains a pleasant working experience with their talent agent and landlord, Riley Reynolds. Notably, in 2018, sometime after Reynolds’ appearance in an episode of ‘Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On,’ Lenna Lux filed a lawsuit against the man. Lux, who preferred to keep her real name anonymous, alleged that Reynolds lied about his credentials, financially exploited Lux during their professional relationship, and attempted to have her blacklisted from the industry. As per her claims, although Reynolds was a licensed talent agent, he never had the authorization to work as a licensed agent in Florida. The claim ended up being verified by numerous news outlets.

Image Credit: Brian O’Malley/Instagram

Consequently, old allegations and stories about Reynolds came to the surface, with two other performers having accused him of theft and deception in the past. The Daily Beast reported on previous police records against the man, where a former model filed a complaint with the North Miami Beach Police Department claiming Reynolds confiscated her IDs while she worked for him after responding to his ad. Although the actress was able to leave Miami eventually after some grueling months, she also clashed with Reynolds over finances, mirroring Lux’s allegations.

Ultimately, the FBI paid Reynolds’ house a visit— an instance he shared his frustration over on a social media post. Furthermore, the man commented on the events in 2018 on his since-deleted Facebook page, where he used coarse and vaguely threatening language to insult unnamed people from the industry. Nevertheless, even though the controversy remained big at the time, Reynolds ended up returning to his profession without any prominent boulders in his path.

Where Is Riley Reynolds, A.K.A, Brian O’Malley Now?

After his appearance in ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ and its follow-up spin-off series— alongside the brief media controversy— Reynolds shed his alias and started going by Brian O’Malley. Furthermore, he added a few new companies, all based in the adult film industry, to his portfolio alongside the original Hussie Models, which seems to be still thriving. Likewise, he also continued his career in front of the camera, featuring in various videos as an actor under the name Brian O’Malley.

Image Credit: Brian O’Malley/Instagram

Consequently, O’Malley has continued his involvement in the porn industry, upgrading to running websites himself alongside booking talents for his agency. Since the man maintains a consistent social media presence across multiple channels, fans can easily find his work online. Outside of his professional life, O’Malley seems to enjoy visiting musical festivals, traveling, and maintaining his fitness. Additionally, he also dabbles in DJ-ing parties.

Although there’s little information available about his romantic or sexual relationships outside of his job, O’Malley’s personal life seems to be populated with his love for his dogs. He frequently shares posts about some of his pawed pals, including Aprilla and Spritey. Unfortunately, in 2024, O’Malley lost one of his dogs, Duke, due to unspecified ailments. While the loss remained hard on the man, he continued to remember his pet in fond memories shared over social media.

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