5 Best Documentary Movies and Shows About Sex on Netflix (Nov 2023)

With its ever-growing repertoire, Netflix has forged a name for itself that is rather hard to be rivaled by any other streaming platform. Music, fashion, crime, secret service, global icons — Netflix has movies and documentaries on any and every topic under the sun, including sex. Still considered a taboo subject to be discussed more openly, sex has also been a subject of fascination and controversy, among other things. Be it about sex education or an in-depth look into how sex has become a tool in entertainment, Netflix features documentaries that will answer all your questions.

5. Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (2017)

‘Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On’ captivates audiences with its unflinching exploration of the intersection between sex and technology. The documentary series skillfully unveils the multifaceted dimensions of the digital age’s influence on intimacy, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of those navigating the complex realm of online sex work. What sets it apart is its ability to humanize the experiences, delving beyond stereotypes to reveal stories of empowerment, consent, and the blurred boundaries between public and private spheres. By seamlessly blending personal narratives with broader societal reflections, the series becomes a poignant and relevant commentary on the ever-evolving dynamics of modern sexuality. You can watch the mini-series here.

4. Sex, Explained (2020)

Delve into the nuanced world of human sexuality with ‘Sex, Explained,’ a captivating Netflix docuseries that unravels the mysteries of desire, intimacy, and societal perceptions. Narrated by Janelle Monáe, the show employs expert insights and engaging storytelling to tackle diverse topics, including fertility, attraction, and the evolution of sexual norms. Each episode provides a deep dive into a specific aspect of sexuality, combining scientific exploration with a relatable approach. ‘Sex, Explained’ offers a comprehensive and accessible exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of human sexual experience, shedding light on the biological, psychological, and cultural factors that shape our understanding of intimacy. You can watch it here.

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3. Hot Girls Wanted (2015)

Another documentary about the porn industry, ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ is directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. The documentary focuses on the amateur porn industry of Florida, which is slowly spreading its wings. Throughout the documentary, the filmmakers interview several girls who are rather new to the business. All of their ages are between 18-25 years. The documentary depicts how the industry might stigmatize or harm the girls who are a part of it. The film is co-produced by actress Rashida Jones, who has said that she aimed to find out about the bad and harmful practices of the industry that need to be dealt with. You can watch the documentary here.

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2. Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017)

‘Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution’ is the story of how the hookup culture in today’s world has shaped the young population’s ideas about sexuality. The film follows a group of college students from England and America as they party together during one of their Spring Breaks. We see how casual sex has become the order of the day in today’s world, especially among the younger population. This has naturally led to women being treated as nothing more than sex toys. We see one man being proud of the fact that he has had numerous sexual encounters throughout the day without using protection of any sort. The documentary can prove to be a shocking experience as it is brutally honest in its exploration of the subject. You can watch the documentary here.

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1. The Principles of Pleasure (2022)

Explore the realms of female, transgender, and non-binary sexual pleasure in ‘The Principles of Pleasure,’ a compelling Netflix docuseries delving into the underexplored terrain of these experiences and the prevailing gaps in scientific comprehension. With a mission to empower and enlighten, the series navigates through diverse subjects, including the historical evolution of sex education, the orgasm gap, the impact of gender roles in media and society, the centuries-long neglect of research on women’s sexuality, and the critical aspect of consent. This thought-provoking journey aims to dismantle misconceptions while fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies of female pleasure. You can watch it here.

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