Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ explores many genres — high school romance, teen horror, murder mystery, gang wars, and familial drama. The teen series, created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and based on the popular ‘Archie’ comics, may not be critically acclaimed but is certainly popular. Revolving around Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, the show is set in the misty town of Riverdale.

Season 6 opens with a 5-episode event, called ‘Rivervale,’ which throws us into the seemingly alternate dimension of ‘Riverdale.’ Terrifying supernatural forces emerge, the characters embrace their darkest sides, and Rivervale’s horrors come to light. The season premiere ends with the shocking sacrificial killing of a main character and the second episode investigates a supernatural entity that preys on children. Here’s everything you need to know about the recap and ending of ‘Riverdale’ season 6 episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

Jughead narrates that it’s time for a ghost story and addresses the age-old conflict between the Southside Serpents and the Ghoulies. In a gang war, Toni accidentally kills Darla Dickenson’s son, Daniel. Meanwhile, Reggie purchases a car just like the one he had in high school. He sees a vision of a woman in the car but is unperturbed.

Tabitha gets irritated with Jughead’s inability to deal with menial tasks. Trying to fix a painting on the wall, she discovers a hidden room behind it. Meanwhile, a terrifying weeping woman emerges from the Sweetwater River and enters Rivervale. Then, Juniper is attacked by the ghost but rescued by Cheryl. Later, Betty talks to Kevin about her pregnancy. Tabitha asks the realtor about the hidden room. She finds out about the deaths of Sam and Diane, a couple who used to live in the apartment. The realtor reveals that Jughead is aware of the story.

Meanwhile, Reggie lies to Veronica about his whereabouts to spend time with his car, called Bella. When Veronica confronts him, he explains that his old car had been a gift from his father. Later, Tabitha confronts Jughead about Sam and Diane. He explains that he didn’t tell her about them because she loves the apartment. He also wishes to write a story about the couple. We find out that Sam had been a painter obsessed with his work. In a sudden fit of rage, his wife Diane had murdered him with a hammer and then hanged herself.

Later, Betty approaches Toni about Lucinda, a Serpent woman who seemingly drowned her daughter. Lucinda tells Toni that La Llorona is the killer. We then shift to Veronica and Reggie making out in the car; however, when some high school students appear, Veronica angrily stops. Tabitha, in a nightmare, hits Jughead with a hammer. Veronica explains to Reggie how her encounter with Chuck Clayton has made her sensitive about her reputation. However, Reggie gets offended when she calls his car “stupid.”

Pop tells Tabitha about the dead waitress that haunted his diner. He insists that ghosts disappear when scared off by humans. Meanwhile, Toni discovers that La Llorona is the spirit of vengeance and motherhood who drowns children. Meanwhile, Jughead is fixated on bottled ships. Tabitha loses her temper and wonders if he is lazing around and drinking; Jughead denies both accusations. At night, La Llorona touches a sleeping Betty’s belly. Jughead starts writing but does not show Tabitha his drafts.

Veronica gets enraged when she finds a woman’s photo in Reggie’s car — we find out that she is Isabella Soprano. La Llorona appears at the school and evades Toni. Meanwhile, Dr. Curdle tells Betty that she is no longer pregnant. Then, Tabitha finds out that Jughead used to show Betty his drafts. Later, a social worker checks on Toni’s son.

La Llorona attacks Baby Anthony but is unable to take him away. Meanwhile, Veronica damages Reggie’s car; Reggie explains his relationship with Isabella and reveals that his father, who was hospitalized, just died. After giving Baby Anthony to Fangs and the Serpents, Toni and Betty go to Cheryl for help. On the other hand, Veronica gifts Reggie a new car.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 2 Ending: Does Tabitha Kill Jughead?

Cheryl communicates with La Llorona’s spirit. Meanwhile, Tabitha goes through Jughead’s drafts and gets angry at what she thinks is a story about their own flawed relationship. She rages about how Jughead is simply an indifferent, unemployed artist depending on his girlfriend. Tensions escalate, and Tabitha destroys Jughead’s ship bottles and typewriter. She sees herself as Diane and raises a hammer to kill Jughead. However, she soon drops it. “We are not like them,” she states. They say “I love you” to each other for the first time.

Meanwhile, after seeing the injured Serpents, Toni and Betty rush to find Darla at Daniel’s grave. Darla is gleeful that La Llorona will drown Baby Anthony. Toni and Betty find La Llorona with Baby Anthony near the Sweetwater River. Toni convinces the ghost to spare her son; she asks the weeping woman to unload her burdens onto her instead. The ghost hands over the baby and passes through Toni’s body. Toni becomes the new La Llorona. She tells Betty to take care of her son and goes underwater.

Thus, Tabitha does not kill Jughead. Diane’s ghost along with Jughead’s artistic obsession certainly makes her want to kill him; the hammer appears whenever she is upset. However, Tabitha realizes the depth of their relationship; she notices that she was feeling insecure and alienated by his artistic world. She relates to Diane’s story but places her love and conscience above her dark urges. Additionally, Jughead also realizes his mistakes; the couple seems to become wiser and closer after their near-death experience. As a result, the ghost leaves their apartment.

Who is La Llorona? Who Summoned Her and Why?

La Llorona is the weeping woman. She is the spirit of Martha, a children’s nurse at Rivervale’s first hospital. After being falsely accused of the death of babies, Martha and her children were drowned in the Sweetwater River by the townsfolk. In retaliation, La Llorona drowns children. Additionally, Darla Dickenson summons the weeping woman because Toni killed her only son, Daniel. Wanting revenge, Darla asks La Llorona to kill Baby Anthony and ignores Toni’s genuine apology. We see the eye-for-an-eye logic of the mortal and supernatural world at play alongside the blurred lines of morality.

Who is Isabella Soprano? What Happens to Reggie?

Reggie’s obsession with his car, Bella, becomes a sore point in his relationship with Veronica. Thanks to Principal Weatherbee, we discover that the woman in the photo is Isabella Soprano, a driving educator who was allegedly intimate with male students. However, Reggie claims Isabella used to be his confidant and not his lover. His car is named after her.

Towards the end, Reggie is still attached to his car and continues to see visions of Isabella. However, it is unclear if Isabella is a ghost or just a part of Reggie’s imagination. Since Reggie just lost his father and used to tell Isabella about his father’s abuse, perhaps Bella and Isabella are his sources of comfort. Additionally, Reggie doubts Veronica’s love. These past traumas and insecurities, mixed with supernatural stuff, might be the reason behind Bella’s weird hold on Reggie.

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