Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and based on the popular ‘Archie’ comics, The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ explores the lives, relationships, and harrowing experiences of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead in the sleepy town of Riverdale. From passionate love triangles to terrifying serial killers, there isn’t much that the teen series doesn’t cover.

Season 6 of the show dives into the genre of teen horror and presents to us, through a 5-episode event, an alternate version of ‘Riverdale,’ called ‘Rivervale.’ With dark magic lurking at every corner, the residents of Rivervale confront unsettling truths. We witness Betty and the others sacrificing Archie to save the town and later see Toni turning into La Llorona to protect her son. The third episode of the season sees one of the evilest entities to ever exist arrive in Rivervale. Here’s everything you need to know about the recap and ending of ‘Riverdale’ season 6 episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with Jughead talking about folktales that address the “Devil’s Holiday” wherein the devil visits small towns to collect lost souls. Later, Pop Tate gets a heart attack after seeing a devilish man outside the diner. Meanwhile, Reggie worries about the casino whilst Betty gets a call from the FBI stating that they’ve caught the Trash Bag Killer (TBK).

Veronica meets Alice to change her lowly view of the casino, which she broadcast on live television, and claims that they’re a legitimate and honest business. However, we cut to Reggie engaging in corrupt activities to ensure the casino’s financial success. At the hospital, Tabitha is by Pop’s side as he recuperates. Suddenly, the devilish man appears and introduces himself as “Lou Cypher.” He explains to them what Pop’s father had done and adds that he, as the Devil, needs either Pop’s soul or his diner.

At the casino’s soft opening, Lou tempts Kevin with fame and artistic success. Kevin experiences a brief version of his future life where Fangs, his ex-fiance, acts as his boyfriend and agent. Thus, Kevin agrees to sell his soul to the Devil. Later, Reggie reveals that he relied on Lou to cover the casino’s expenses and is now in danger of losing his soul; he requests Veronica to outwit the Devil. Meanwhile, Betty meets the TBK, who tells her that absolute evil exists and is a part of her. However, she later finds out that the killer is not in the FBI’s custody.

Meanwhile, Pop begs Tabitha not to sell the diner, as it is the home of Rivervale’s lost souls. Later, Jughead reaches out to Lou for an exclusive interview. Lou tells him that he can either publish the interview, get fame, and never write again or get all the information, not publish the interview, and continue to write; Jughead chooses the second option. Then, through flirtatious conversation, Veronica makes Nick St. Clair confess his sins and agree to sell his soul to the Devil.

The TBK tells Betty that he’s the Devil. As proof, he makes her hear her father’s screams in hell. Later, we find out that it is Veronica’s soul that’s at risk because Reggie made her sign the Devil’s contract without her knowledge. Lou tells Veronica that he’ll spare her if she can procure Alice’s soul. Meanwhile, Jughead publishes the interview and gets instant fame.

When Tabitha gives a poor man soup for free at the diner, a well-dressed man lauds her actions. He introduces himself as Raphael and states that he admires Pop. Handing her a mysterious vial, Raphael asks Tabitha to be prepared for the upcoming battle. Later, Veronica tries to dupe Alice but her conscience stops her. On the other hand, the Devil, as the TBK, tells Betty that she is the Whore of Babylon who must swear allegiance to him. When Betty refuses, he forces her to hear Polly’s screams. In anger, Betty stabs the TBK. However, upon removing his mask, she’s shocked to see the killer’s face.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3 Ending: Who is Lou Cypher? Is He Actually the Devil?

Jughead, unable to write, agrees to sell his soul to Lou and regains the ability to write. Meanwhile, Pop and Tabitha agree to sell the diner. They share one last round of milkshakes with Lou; however, Lou instantly starts puking blood. Tabitha explains that she added the contents of Raphael’s vial to their shakes; it gives Tabitha and Pop protection from the Devil. Lou is forced to leave.

Betty receives a call about Glen but pretends not to know anything. Meanwhile, Veronica brokers a better deal with the Devil, wherein she agrees to provide him with one soul every week for the rest of her life. We find out that Veronica, angry at his betrayal, has tricked Reggie into signing his soul over to the devil. Lou takes Reggie away.

Jughead, in his narrator form, reveals that Rivervale is going to be the final battleground for the fight between good and evil. Thus, Lou Cypher is actually the Devil, with his very name being a reference to “Lucifer.” As explained by folktales, Lucifer visits small towns occasionally to collect souls. With Rivervale seeing an increase in demonic activity and crimes, it’s no surprise that the Devil decided to pay the misty town a visit.

Do Kevin, Jughead, Pop Tate, Betty, Veronica, Nick St. Clair, and Reggie Sell Their Souls to the Devil?

Lou’s visit to Rivervale is at least partially successful because he collects a few souls. Kevin, a theater actor and singer, and Jughead, a writer, agree to sell their souls to the Devil for artistic success and to combat their insecurities. In a way, the deal allows both a second attempt at life. Pop Tate almost sells his soul to save his diner, but Tabitha stops him. Eventually, Raphael’s help makes sure that Pop does not have to sell his soul or the diner. On the other hand, Betty confronts her evil urges as she speaks to the TBK. However, she does not swear allegiance to Lou.

Veronica and Reggie’s toxic relationship and desire to see the casino succeed leads to doublecrossing and manipulation. At first, Reggie uses Lou’s help to get finances and tricks Veronica into selling her soul to the Devil. Unaware of this, Veronica manipulates Nick St. Clair into selling his soul in order to save Reggie’s. When she finds out that her own soul is what Reggie put at risk, she cleverly comes up with a new deal that keeps her safe but punishes her boyfriend.

Veronica tricks him into signing his soul over when he signs the liquor deliveries for the casino. Then, she agrees to hand over one soul a week to Lou for the rest of her natural life in exchange for keeping her own soul. Thus, Veronica, with her business-oriented mind, is the only individual ruthless and cunning enough to deal with the Devil and get away with it.

How Does Tabitha Save Pop’s Diner? Who is Raphael?

Tabitha finds herself at an impasse whilst trying to save both Pop’s soul and the diner. It is revealed that since Pop’s father sold his soul to ensure the success of the diner, the Devil now needs what he’s owed. However, Raphael arrives in the form of a kind and mysterious man to offer her help. Having observed how Pop’s diner always gives out free food to the needy, Raphael states that he admires Pop’s kindness. He then gives Tabitha a vial full of the tears of the Virgin Mary at the Crucifixion. Later, when pretending to sell the diner to Lou, Tabitha adds the contents of the vial to their milkshakes.

An unsuspecting Lou drinks his shake and immediately vomits blood due to its angelic quality. Tabitha and Pop tell him about their divine protection and kick him out. Thus, Raphael, one of the archangels from the Old Testament who conquers Asmodeus, becomes Tabitha and Pop’s guardian angel and protects their souls from the Devil. Rivervale witnesses the actions of the good (Raphael) and the evil (Lou) at the same time, and we see how good can combat evil.

Who is the Trash Bag Killer? Does Betty Kill Glen Scot?

The Trash Bag Killer (TBK) has long been a source of tension for Betty. However, in ‘Rivervale,’ the TBK is actually just the Devil in disguise and not the actual killer, whose identity is still unknown. Lou assumes the form of the TBK to get to Betty and convince her to join the dark side as the Whore of Babylon. Betty hears the screams of her father and Polly and realizes that hell is real. However, she fights the evil within her and refuses to give up her soul.

However, the sound of Polly’s screams is too much for her to bear and she stabs the TBK to death with a pair of scissors. When she cuts open his mask, she’s terrified to see the face of Glen Scot, her former lover and colleague. Lou reveals that he used Betty’s voice to lure Glen to Rivervale. Horrified, Betty hides Glen’s body under the house and pretends to be ignorant about his whereabouts when the FBI calls and states that Glen’s wife has reported him as missing.

So although Betty doesn’t swear allegiance to Lou, she does embrace her evil side by killing Glen. Additionally, there are fans who believe that Glen is the TBK in the ‘Riverdale’ universe as well because Glen is in love with Betty and the TBK does not harm Betty when she’s his captive.

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