Rob and Sophie: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Together?

Seen first in season 10 of TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra’s relationship became one that fans of the series are likely not to forget soon. From the very start of their time on the show, the two had to grapple with one issue after another, all the while trying to see if they had what it takes to commit to holy matrimony. Slowly but surely, the couple was able to gain a significant number of fans, many of whom remain interested in learning whether or not they are still together.

Rob and Sophie Faced Many Ups and Downs Before Their Wedding

Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra got in contact with each other thanks to the wonders of the Internet, specifically Instagram. This soon led them to take over FaceTime, with their first call lasting for about eight hours. Shortly after this, Sophie traveled from England to Los Angeles, California, where she spent two months getting to know her partner better. Determined to move her relationship along further, Sophi asked Rob for a K1 visa, and though he was initially hesitant, he agreed to the idea.

After Sophie came to Los Angeles after her K1 visa was accepted, she was taken aback by how Rob was living. She admitted that she had imagined him having a much bigger house and in a more affluent neighborhood. This topic certainly did not sit well with  Rob, who insisted that he had worked hard to get what he had. However, things did get a bit more heated between them when Sophie found sexual conversations on Rob’s phone with other women.

The revelation prompted Sophie to move out, given that she was far from happy about the ex[licit nature of pictures and videos he had received from others. However, Sophie decided to hear Rob out, and he claimed that all the conversations of such nature had taken place well before Sophie’s visa had been accepted. While he did not seem to have an explanation as to why he was having such conversations while seemingly still in a relationship with Sophie, he did assure her that he had stopped doing so after she had come to Los Angeles, claiming that he was now only committed to him.

Though not completely happy with what had transpired, Sophie chose to forgive Rob, claiming that she did think what Rob had done was actually cheating. That is not to say that things between them did not become tense when Sophie found Rob’s lack of immediate refusal to an offer of a threesome to be extremely wrong. Nevertheless, the couple decided to move on from this particular situation, with Sophie herself trying to share something with her partner.

Not wanting to hide such a significant thing from her Rob, Sophie told him that she was bisexual but had never been fully physically intimate with another woman. This seemed to upset Rob, who could not help but wonder if she might become curious about her chemistry with other women after she got married. However, Sophie asserted that she was only telling him something crucial about her and that just because she liked women as well did not mean that she would cheat on Rob.

While it seemed like Rob and Sophie might be able to navigate this issue as well, the latter’s mother, Claire Sierra, became concerned that her daughter might be rushing into a marriage without fully exploring herself and her sexual identity. Given that Claire had never been Rob’s biggest fan, the relationship between them had always been a tense one, with Rob often getting frustrated about his future mother-in-law’s comment and Sophie’s hesitance about taking his side.

However, as Rob and Sophie’s wedding day got closer, Claire felt like she should bury the hatchet between herself and her daughter’s future husband. Only a day before the wedding, Claire had spent time in Rob’s home, and though she had initially believed him to be a rude host, she soon changed tunes when she saw how he had diligently made sure that she did not have any trouble when it came to sleeping. Hence, it was ecstatic Claire who gave away her daughter Sophie to Rob during their beautiful beachside wedding.

Rob and Sophie Remain Private About Their Relationship

Despite the fact that Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra ultimately did get married in the TLC show, things between them might not be as good as one might have hoped for. While both reality TV stars have been openly promoting their reality TV debut, they are curiously absent from each other’s social media feeds. Neither Rob nor Sophie have posts containing pictures of each other on Instagram, which has made many wonder if the two might have split up.

Additionally, neither Sophie nor Rob follows each other on Instagram, which has only made people more sure that their marriage might have come to a bitter end. However, neither party has officially shared an update about the same as of writing. Given the various issues that the two had to face during their time on the show, many do not find it hard to believe that they might have decided to separate.

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