Robert Shinn’s Wives: Everything We Know About Them

With Netflix’s Derek Doneen-directed ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ living up to its title, we get a three-part documentary series that can only be described as horribly intriguing. After all, it delves deep into the way several artistic online/social media creators are allegedly trapped in a rooted cult masquerading as a talent management firm by the name of 7M Films. This organization is actually owned-operated by the founder, pastor, as well as Man of God at Shekinah Church, Robert Shinn, so his practices, plus the fact his partners have reportedly always backed him in every endeavor, play a significant role in the ordeal too.

Robert Shinn Has Apparently Been Married Four Times

Although it’s well known that Robert established Shekinah Church in 1994 upon immigrating to the US from Canada, many are unaware he’d left his first wife plus two kids behind and had launched this tight-knit community with his second wife, Esther. He then likely didn’t seek companionship for a while since he had the help of his sister Catherine Yi at work at every step of the way, that is, until she left due to sexual assault allegations against him. This was when Shirley Kim stepped up to fill the void of his second-in-command, just to quickly end up evolving into his confidante, his love, and his wife — they ostensibly married in 2009.

According to records, Shirley had joined Shekinah Church as a teenager looking for some guidance and stability in life, unaware she’d somehow become the pastor’s wife as well as an attorney. Robert actually paid for her law school before they tied the knot, and she’s the one to have registered many of his business firms across various industries, yet things ultimately didn’t work out. He divorced her a mere two years later, in 2011, only to begin dating Hannah Grace Lee — she’d apparently walked into the church to persuade her sister to leave but was soon enthralled herself.

In fact, after Catherine made her exit around late 2008, Hannah was the fiercely loyal young congregant who took on many of her day-to-day finance as well as management-related responsibilities. This means she successfully handled other congregants’ bank accounts while also monitoring and scheduling their daily activities, impressing Robert to such an extent he made her his wife. It’s imperative to note she alone holds the title of Woman of God, indicating the pastor trusts her so much he essentially gave her a near-equal role prior to having her serve in his companies too.

Robert Shinn’s Last Two Wives Are in the Entertainment Industry

While we can’t be sure precisely what Shirley Kim has been up to since her divorce from the alleged cult leader, Man of God, and serial entrepreneur Robert, it seems like she’s currently trying to find a balance between her work as an attorney plus a business executive. From what we can tell, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Speech Communication from Cal State Fullerton before earning her Master’s in Entertainment-Media Transactions and Juris Doctorate from Chapman University School of Law, making her a woman of many hats. In fact, per the last reports, it appears as if she’s a transactional lawyer running her own practice at the moment, all the while also serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive VP of Production & Development at Imaginating Pictures.

As for Hannah Grace Shinn, this Santa Ana, California, resident is still the proud wife of Robert, the CFO of Shekinah Church, as well as a 7M Films manager responsible for most of its dancer clients. It hence comes as no surprise both she and Shirley are named in the 2023 civil lawsuit filed by former church/7M members — primarily against the common person between them — accusing them of fraud, forced labor, breach of fiduciary duty, failure to pay minimum wage, unjust enrichment, and much more. However, this case isn’t scheduled to go on trial until 2025, enabling Robert, Hannah, and Shirley to all continue with their personal and professional lives without any significant issues. Unfortunately, there seems to be no public information available regarding the present standing of this sect leader’s first two wives.

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