Roberta Battaglia: Everything We Know

America's Got Talent Roberta Battaglia

‘America’s Got Talent’ is a talent competition show that puts the spotlight on several up-and-coming artists from across the world as they try to wow the audiences and the judges with their unique talent in the field of music, dance, magic, comedy, acting and any other genre. The winner receives a handsome cash prize and a chance to headline a show. Roberta Battaglia is one of the top contenders on the fifteenth season of the Simon Cowell creation and has already bagged the Golden Buzzer. But can she also win the show? Let’s find out!

Roberta Battaglia Nationality: Where is She From?

Roberta Battaglia is native of Toronto, Canada, but her roots lie in Italy. Her father, Alessandro Battaglia, moved to Canada, along with her mother from Italy in 2008. The little wonder is fluent in both English and Italian.

She comes from a musical family as her father is also an established singer. Not just that, Roberta has been accompanying her father to his musical gigs from the time when she was three.

Roberta Battaglia: Age and Profession

The Canadian singer is 10-years-old but don’t you get fooled by her age; her vocal strength can put even some of the famous singers to shame.

Roberta’s YouTube channel comprises videos of her singing covers of musical hits by Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Pink. Speaking of Pink, Roberta aspires to share the stage with the ‘Get the Party Started’ crooner. Well, it looks like it might turn into a reality soon. But before that, check out Roberta’s cover of ‘What About Us’ by her favorite singer.

Roberta and her father perform at live shows, community events, functions, and also at fundraisers. She often attends charity events and had once sold several hand-made bracelets to raise money for the SickKids Foundation.

Before gracing the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ the vocal powerhouse had performed at the ideacity conference in 2019. Her stunning performance garnered a massive round of applause and a standing ovation from the audiences.

Her musical performance at the Canadian morning show ‘Breakfast Television’ went viral and earned her vast popularity.

Roberta loves to make people happy, and her beautiful voice and humble personality certainly ensure that. She also has a puppy named Happy! Roberta has been at the receiving end of bullying at school. Well, I think that’s going to change after Simon Cowell’s insightful advice to her to be happy and successful that their hurtful words can’t touch her.

Roberta Battaglia Prediction: How Far Will She Go?

In Auditions Round 2 that dropped on June 3, 2020, we have seen Roberta being sent straight into the live shows by slamming of the Golden Buzzer at the hands of judge Sofia Vergara. This gives Roberta an edge over the remaining contestants as she gets more time to prepare, along with no threat of elimination till the live rounds. Here’s the audition video showcasing Roberta’s breathtaking singing skills in a rendition of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s Shallow!

There is a high chance Roberta might reach the finals and even emerge as the winner. I mean, with this vocal range and confidence, we can all agree that a star is born indeed!

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