Rodrigo, Thaís, and Rogéria Castro: Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Participants are Now Closer Than Ever

Given the web of complicated relationships that we get to see in Netflix’s ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,’ AKA ‘Ilhados Com a Sogra,’ it is certainly hard not to be curious about the cast members featured in the series. After all, it is not every day that a mother-in-law is stranded on an island with her son/daughter-in-law and has to overcome past and present issues in order to hopefully win the show.

However, the trio of Rodrigo, Thaís, and Rogéria Castro from season 1 of the Brazilian reality series seemed more than open to the process, which certainly seemed to help them achieve their main objective of bettering their ties. For those curious about where the three members of the Castro family are these days, worry not because we have your back!

Rodrigo, Thaís, and Rogéria Castro’s Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Journey

Rodrigo and Thaís Castro had initially been under the impression that the Netflix competition they were entering was meant for couples. Hence, when it was revealed that it would be Rodrigo’s mother, Rogéria Castro, who would be paired with Thaís, things got a bit uncertain. While the two ladies were afraid that their issues would be counterproductive when it came to winning the competition, Rodrigo worried about how the whole process would impact his wife and mother.

It was not long before Rogéria confessed that her issue with her daughter-in-law stemmed from Thaís’ choice of profession. Already uncomfortable that her son and daughter own a sex shop on the internet, she expressed how she hated seeing Thaís modeling for her work online in underwear. She candidly expressed how she thought Thaís’ actions might impact her, the latter’s young daughter. Unaware of how much this had been bugging Rogéria, Thaís now had a better understanding of the situation.

In turn, when Thaís got a chance to express what actions and words of her mother-in-law had hurt in the past, she told Rogéria how she disliked being labeled clumsy. In turn, Rogéria claimed that Thaís often breaks glassware and utensils, which is why she does not like touching things in her home. However, Rogéria promised that she would be a bit more affectionate to her daughter-in-law in the future. In fact, Thaís and Rogéria seemed to be some of the few pairs on the show who were indeed willing to be open in their communication and resolve their issues. In fact, following their heart-to-heart, the two worked like a well-oiled machine, helping them score well and even earn an advantage following the first bonus challenge.

Following an apparent confession by Thy Tenório, Thaís told others that he and Severina Tenório had apparently staged some of their animosity, which led many of the participants to distrust the Tenórios. After Francine Nery stole their two honeycombs, the Castrs found themselves in the second position and were ready to prove themselves. While their multiple attempts still did not help them achieve a place in the finals, the Castros did walk away with a stronger connection between them.

Where Are Rodrigo, Thaís, and Rogéria Castro Today?

It seems like all members of the Castro family are thriving. The bond between Thaís and Rogéria Castro especially seems to be on the mend, as indicated by the fact that the first post on Rogéria’s Instagram feed is one that features Thaís. Additionally, both women follow each other on Instagram and seem complimentary, suggesting that their relationship has become stronger than ever.

As for Rodrigo and Thaís, the two are proud owners of Os Castros, their online business that provides customers with various products to enhance their sexual experiences. More than anything, the three Castros adore little Naomí Castro, the daughter of Rodrigo and Thaís, who always brings joy to their lives. Rogéria herself in quite happy with her husband, Manu Castro. We wish the happy family the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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