Where Are Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ is a popular TLC series that documents the weight loss journeys of morbidly obese participants. Under the careful supervision of Dr. Now, people attempt to lose a few pounds before being approved for surgery. Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio turned heads when they first appeared on the show. All three of them had a collective weight of over 2,000 pounds and came to be known as the ‘One Ton Family.’ Curious to find out where the Perrios are at present? We have the latest news and updates.

Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio’s My 600-lb Life Journey:

At the start of their weight loss journey, Clarence was 33 years old and weighed 582 pounds. Brandi, aged 29, weighed 620 pounds, and Roshanda tipped the scales at 803 pounds when she was 30 years old. Brandi explained that after their parents split up, the siblings did what they wanted. With nobody disciplining them while they were eating, the Perrios had gained a lot of weight by the time they graduated from high school.

They’d initially contacted a doctor in Lafayette, Louisiana, but were told that the necessary equipment was unavailable. Finally, they got a referral to Dr. Now and headed to Houston. The famed doctor was so concerned with the sisters’ weights that he hospitalized them till they dropped 30 pounds.

Once the siblings relocated, their weight loss journey did have some ups and downs. However, Clarence and Brandi managed to lose around 100 pounds each. Although Roshanda lost 130 pounds, she was still not greenlit for surgery. Motivated by her siblings, she shed some more weight before being approved to get on the table. Together, the siblings lost over 700 pounds.

Where are Roshanda, Brandi, and Clarence Perrio Now?

Since appearing on the show, Roshanda has revealed that she has lost over 300 pounds, which puts her weight somewhere in the 400-lb ballpark. Instead of moving forward with the program as a family, the siblings have decided to undertake their weight loss journeys on their own. It seems to be working for them, as you can see from Roshanda’s post below.

A more recent post from Roshanda shows how she has become more confident in herself and is loving her current progress.

Clarence also quit Dr. Now’s program to concentrate on personal weight loss. It seems to have worked for him as he has shed nearly 200 pounds. According to Clarence, he wants to focus on things that will help him progress in his weight loss journey. However, Clarence is more private about his social media life. Nonetheless, you can check out a picture from May 18, 2020, which will help you understand the amount of progress that he has made.

Finally, it brings us to Brandi, who quit Dr. Now’s program to focus on her music career. However, she managed to put on 70 pounds within two months. Naturally, the hip hop artist will be looking to commit to a healthier lifestyle in the future. You can check out a recent post from Brandi showing her at the Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic.

Her Facebook profile shows that she’s the boss at an establishment called Da Streetz. Meanwhile, Brandi is keeping at her music career, and you can see her below rapping as part of the Cupid Challenge.

Therefore, the Perrios are all on their individual paths now. After their operations, the siblings did stick together, trying to lose weight as a family. However, they decided they would do better if they went off on their own and then came back stronger. For now, Clarence and Roshanda seem to be poised to do precisely that, while Brandi might have to make some changes.

Despite tough odds, the Perrio siblings seem to have turned their fortunes around and are set on achieving their dream weight. Among them, Roshanda, for one, has placed faith in the Almighty to guide her on her journey. Since she weighed the most, she has had to put in the extra work. Check out her post below.

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