RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock Now: Where are Alicia Rohbock’s Kids Today?

Alicia Rohbock was once a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The mother of two was separated from her daughters for almost a year before she could be reunited with them again in 2008. Netflix’s ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’ features Alicia talking about her ordeal and has her daughters, RuLeecia and Rachel, explain what went down when the authorities raided the ranch the two were living on. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock?

Alicia Rohbock was married to Rulon Jeffs, the church’s prophet, before his passing. After that, she fell in love with LeRoy Jeffs and had two children with him. RuLeecia was their firstborn, with Rachel coming about 18 months later. After Rulon’s death, his son and LeRoy’s brother, Warren Jeffs, became the prophet. According to the show, Warren suddenly kicked LeRoy out of the church and asked Alicia to burn all of his pictures and never mention him to her children.

Soon after that, Alicia was married to Seth (Warren’s younger brother), and when the kids were less than 5-years-old, they were taken to the YFZ Ranch in Texas. At this point, Alicia was asked to stay back at Short Creek, the FLDS community that lies on the Arizona-Utah border. During a police raid in April 2008, several children were removed from the ranch because the authorities found evidence of sexual abuse and underage marriage.

RuLeecia, who was only 4-years-old when the raid happened, said, “We were told that, I think, something bad was going to happen. We were just scared of these people, and so we were just watching outside. And we just saw something in the distance, and it was just a helicopter. It wasn’t nothing, but we were really scared for everything.” Until that point, RuLeecia had never met someone from the outside world.

Seth later asked Alicia to come down to Texas to claim her daughters. However, the girls didn’t recognize their mother because they had been taken away from her at a young age. RuLeecia said, “I had always thought another … Ester, that was her name … she was my mom. That’s what they told me. But yeah, I remember. She came and gave me a hug, and I was just like, ‘Who is this woman?'” Rachel said on the show that she remembered Alicia hugging them but felt weird because she didn’t know that was her mother at the time.

Where Are RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock Today?

Rachel Rohbock

After spending a tough few days at a shelter, the girls were finally allowed to return home with their mother. This was a welcome relief, and Alicia eventually left the FLDS along with her children, hoping for a new start in the world that waited for them outside. The girls have stayed away from the public eye for the most part and seem to be enjoying everyday life as kids their age would. It appears that RuLeecia and Rachel live with Alicia in Hildale, Utah. If social media is any indication, the Rohbock family spends a lot of time together, taking regular trips out in nature.

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