Are Russ and Paola From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

’90 Day Fiance’ has been bringing us the love stories of international couples since 2014, giving us all the juicy details about their troubles and depicting what a real relationship can sometimes be like under pressure. And all of its spin-offs also do a brilliant job in keeps us updated and engrossed with what is going in the lives of the couples whom we had previously seen. One of the first couples who we were introduced to on the original series were Paula and Russ Mayfield, the fan-favorites, who have managed to never be involved in any serious controversies.

Russ and Paola: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Unlike most of the international couples who have been featured on the series after them, Russ and Paola’s relationship did not begin online. In fact, the Owasso, Oklahoma native met Paola “Pao,” a fashion designer, in her home country of Colombia, while he was there for a work assignment. They got to talking and fell in love so deeply that they agreed to get together and take their relationship a step further.

When Russ had to go back to America, he and Paola decided that she would pack up her bags and leave her family and home behind, so as to move to America and be with him. However, the couple started to hit roadblocks as soon as Paola arrived. Since they lived with Russ’ parents in Oklahoma in the beginning, she had trouble adjusting to their conservative lifestyle which led to the couple clashing.

Thankfully, they managed to find a place they could call home and moved in there to avoid any further arguments. But, when both Russ’ family and Paola’s best friend expressed concerns about not like the significant other of their respective kins, their relationship became a little strained. Eventually, though, they managed to talk it all out and were able to happily walk down the aisle on October 7, 2013.

Are Russ and Paola Still Together?

Together and stronger than ever. Yes, Russ and Paola’s relationship has not exactly been smooth sailing, but, they have worked through every obstacle to come out on top. When Russ lost his job as a field engineer in the oil industry shortly after they got married, Paola stepped up and moved to Miami to seek more job opportunities as a model as well as a personal trainer. Even though Russ wasn’t thrilled about it, he let her follow her passion and when she fell in love with Miami, he moved there as well.

A few years after their marriage, Paola even had a miscarriage and the couple lost their first child. The heartbreaking loss caused a rift between the couple as well, as Paola began to feel like Russ was not being as supportive as he should be. Fortunately, they were able to bounce back from it and in 2018, went on to announce that they were expecting again. They did say that they were trying not to get their hopes up, but their worry was futile as on January 1, 2019, Paola gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who they named Alex.

Together Russ and Paola have gone through a lot, but because they were with each other every step of the way, they managed to come out stronger because of it all. On their 6th wedding anniversary last year, Paola posted the following picture and captioned it: “Happy anniversary amor mio! Six years of everything mi cielo? I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Te amo hoy mañana y siempre ❤️❤️❤️”

Even Russ didn’t hold back when gushing about his wife on their anniversary and admitted that he was grateful for her and all that she did for him and his family. You can check out the whole post below:

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