Ruth and Isaac: The Ultimatum South Africa Couple Have Parted Ways

In Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa,’ six couples are put to the ultimate test as they grapple with the prospect of marriage with their respective partners. This experiment allows them to reflect on their desires, assess their compatibility, and determine if marriage is the right path forward. After spending time with alternative partners, they must decide whether to honor the ultimatum set by one partner or pursue a different path. Throughout the first season, one of the fiercest couples, Ruth Khathide and Issac Kaninda, held audiences’ attention with their challenging journey. However, what truly resonated with viewers was their unwavering honesty and genuine responses to the various situations they encountered.

Ruth and Issac Had a Major Fight During the Show

Ruth Khathide and Issac Kaninda had been in a relationship for two years, yet Ruth was unfamiliar with Issac’s true character. This prompted her to issue an ultimatum regarding marriage, as she felt that Issac had concealed significant aspects of himself, leaving her with little insight into his genuine identity since she had not encountered any of his family or acquaintances. In contrast, Issac explained that the bulk of their relationship had been conducted over long distances, with only a brief period of eight months spent physically together.

He emphasized that introducing a partner to his family without formalizing their relationship through marriage was not customary for him, necessitating a greater certainty regarding Ruth before committing to such a significant step. Ruth’s vibrant and adventurous personality caught the attention of many fellow contestants, portraying her as a thrill-seeking and enjoyable individual. Despite this, she ultimately chose Nolla as her partner for the show. Meanwhile, Issac formed what he believed to be a strong bond with Khanya, leading them to cohabit during the experiment. However, Issac’s initial bliss turned sour after a week when he noticed Khanya’s habits, such as neglecting household chores and cooking, which caused friction between them.

Consequently, Issac started gravitating towards spending more time with male contestants, engaging in bonding activities rather than working on his relationship with Khanya. On the other hand, Ruth and Nolla quickly formed a close and intimate bond, a development that raised eyebrows among other contestants. Eventually, news of their affair reached their respective partners. While Nolla opted to leave the show, Ruth and Issac chose to remain and work through their issues. Ruth defended her actions, asserting that she didn’t view it as cheating since the original couples had to separate before engaging in the “trial marriage.”

When it came time for Ruth and Issac to cohabit, Issac couldn’t bring himself to share the bed with her, haunted by the thought that it was the same bed where she and Nolla had been intimate. Despite Ruth’s urging, he remained steadfast and slept on the couch. As the finals approached, in a moment of frustration, he revealed the ring he had intended to propose with. While Ruth appreciated the gesture, she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was trying to illustrate what she would be missing out on.

Ruth and Issac Are Not Together Anymore

On the season’s final day, Issac Kaninda approached Ruth Khathide with the ring he had bought for her. However, he expressed his struggles in moving past the events, admitting he couldn’t trust her. Issac didn’t propose despite his intentions, leaving Ruth disappointed about the outcome. Nonetheless, she remained resolute in her decisions, suggesting that the lack of engagement may have been due to deeper underlying issues beyond their experiences during the season. Ruth, a Tshwane University of Technology alumna, transitioned her career path into the legal sector. Currently employed as a paralegal at Malebye and Maleho Attorneys, she recently added the role of law enforcement officer to her portfolio, beginning May 2, 2024.

Besides her professional endeavors, Ruth’s passion for theater shines through her involvement as an actress with Redmotion Pictures and as a theater performer at the Newcastle Arts Development Organization. Her journey in the entertainment industry includes several minor roles in local productions, fond memories of which she occasionally reminisces about on her social media platforms. Issac is a graduate of the Revolution Media Academy and is now an established filmmaker. He has also made significant contributions in other capacities, such as director of photography, scriptwriter, and editor.

As the founder of Izzy Film Pro, a reputable film and media production company, Issac holds critical positions as a director and director of photography, overseeing various projects. Additionally, he collaborates with prominent organizations such as Netflix, Flyface Media House, and Glueisticks, lending his skills and talents as a freelance director and videographer. For his work, Issac was awarded best director for his short film, ‘HER,’ at the Gauteng Film Festival. His work, like his short film ‘Mafia,’ has also been praised at the global film festivals. He is busy scaling the walls of the entertainment world and making all his dreams come true.

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