Ruth and Rubí: Sugar Rush The Baking Point Winners Are Thriving as Bakers Now

Image Credit: Francisco Morales/Netflix

Part of the beloved ‘Sugar Rush’ franchise, Netflix’s ‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point,’ AKA ‘Pasteleros Contra el Tiempo,’ is a Mexican baking show featuring multiple teams of two. Despite the sheer talent displayed by the numerous participants, only per team can take home the winning prize of one million pesos each season. Needless to say, season 1 victors Ruth Cabeza and Rubí Esparza have garnered much attention from fans of the series, who cannot help but be curious about what this fantastic duo might be up to these days.

Ruth and Rubí’s Sugar Rush: The Baking Point Journey

Having met each other via the Internet, Ruth and Rubí decided to enter the Netflix show together to wow everyone with their skills as bakers. Unfortunately, the two did not have the best start as they were in the bottom two in the initial round of the first day, losing thirty minutes from their saved-up time for the next challenge. However, they were able to make it through to the next day and dominated the competition by winning both levels, adding an extra hour to the time they would have to cook during the finals.

Ruth and Rubí continued their excellent performance by winning the second round on Day 3, as well, earning an additional hour. With this achievement, they secured themselves a place in the semi-finals, where they had to compete against three other teams. Unfortunately, the two friends did not have the best start as they ended up landing in the bottom 2 in the first round, which cost them 30 minutes of cooking time for the next stage. Ultimately, it was down to them, and the duo of Karen Castañeda and Gabriela “Gaby” Iracheta, but the latter two had to say goodbye to the show.

For the finale, the bakers had to create various dishes based on the concept of Magical Mexico. After the first round, Ruth and Rubí were declared winners of the challenge, assuring their position in the top 2, while Alan Tercero and Alejandra “Ale” Ambríz had to leave. Facing off against Israel Vázquez and Iván Zavala, the two women gave it their all to create a cake inspired by the beautiful artistry of Mexico. Thanks to their flavor profile and eye-catching decoration, Ruth and Rubí were declared winners of the competition.

Where Are Ruth and Rubí Now?

As of writing, both Ruth and Rubi seem to be doing well in their lives. Ruth, in particular, works both as an Actress and as a Pastry Chef. In fact, she has a separate baking Instagram account through which she shares many of her culinary creations and has amassed more than 149 thousand admirers. Those interested can even check out the recipes that the reality TV star provides. As for her personal life, Ruth seems to enjoy the company of her friends and family and celebrated her birthday in September 2022.

Meanwhile, Rubí also works as a baker who is always eager to explore her creative side and show the world all that she can do. Through her social media, she often shares her stunning creations, many of which are tastefully decorated and designed cakes that one cannot help but admire. Thanks to her baking creations, Rubí has over 101 thousand Instagram followers as of writing. Both women have been quite excitedly promoting the Netflix show. We wish them both the best in their lives and hope that they continue on their path to success.

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