Ryan Myers: Tammy Myers’ Husband is Now Doing His Best to Move On

When 29-year-old Tammy Esquivel Myers suddenly disappeared without a trace left behind around mid-December 2006, it honestly left her entire Texan community shaken to the very core. This much has actually even been evidenced in CBS’ ’48 Hours: The Day My Mother Vanished,’ exploring not only the events leading up to her going missing but also its complex aftermath. It thus comes as no surprise her estranged husband, Ryan Myers, played a key role throughout this ordeal, yet not in the negative way people might’ve initially assumed owing to their separation.

Who is Ryan Myers?

A proud native of the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, Ryan still vividly remembers he was merely 18 when he first came across Tammy at 17 in 1994, just to immediately know she was special. He hence asked her out, so it was only a matter of time before they fell head over heels in love, with their personalities reportedly complimenting one another to a tee and driving them to tie the knot. Therefore, while the former established himself as an executive in the blue-collar industry, the couple settled down in Cleveland before soon welcoming three beautiful children into their world.

“Tammy and Ryan, when they first got together, they were like wine and strawberries,” her mother Marcia Esquivel once candidly revealed to ID’s ‘The Hunt with John Walsh: Confessions of A Killer.’ “They were beautiful together. She was a stay-at-home mother. Every day, he got up and went to work to provide for his family. They never wanted for nothing.” However, things completely turned upside down in the mid-2000s as the glass company employee met with such a terrible accident he had no choice but to be laid up at home for at least a few months.

According to reports, Ryan was on site on a crane one day when it touched an electrical wire, just to then swing right down to the concrete and leave him with a broken back as well as broken legs. His “outgoing, outspoken, fun” wife thus had to join the workforce to fill in for the income they were losing, yet her choices were limited since she wasn’t really trained for anything. Though he could never have imagined her ensuing career as a stripper would get her so accustomed to a new sort of lifestyle that their entire lives would unravel and they’d separate.

Nevertheless, even as Tammy and Ryan began seeing other people, they maintained an amicable relationship out of genuine mutual respect as well as for the sake of their three young toddlers. Therefore, of course, when she rushed into his home one day covered in blood and bruises while claiming her live-in boyfriend, William Greer, had abused her, he decided to confront him without hesitation. What ensued was a slight argument, plus the latter firing a couple of shots in the air as he drove off, yet Ryan never called the police because he was worried it’d only make things worse for his estranged wife.

The truth is Ryan now seriously regrets this choice of not involving the authorities because the last time he ever saw Tammy alive was when she left his home to return to her actuality roughly four days later. The fact William subsequently admitted to having accidentally shot and killed her following an argument, just to be released from custody within days owing to evidentiary issues, frustrated him even further. After all, he’d managed to skip town within days – he then remained a fugitive until he was finally apprehended in Nacajuca, Mexico, in November 2017, making Ryan breathe a sigh of relief.

Where is Ryan Myers Now?

As per ’48 Hours,’ although Ryan rarely spoke up about Tammy’s case in the past since it affected him emotionally and mentally, he always supported their daughter’s public quest to uncover the truth. But now that William Greer has been arrested, tried, convicted, plus sentenced for her murder, he has come forward to reveal that his estranged wife was truly the love of his life. So, today, in his late 40s, it appears as if this Cleveland resident, father, grandfather, and sales-operations manager at CRAFTEC Architectural Glass is trying his best to move on in life with a new partner while still keeping his beloved alive in his heart.

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