Ryota: Where is The Boyfriend Participant Now?

Image Credit: Netflix

‘The Boyfriend’ is a Japanese dating show that transports its participants to a picturesque villa where they cook, manage expenses, and spend time together while taking part in various activities. The opening season of the show introduced us to nine men who are attracted to other men, with the third person entering the Green Room being Ryota, a model from Shima. Seeming very introverted, he said early on that he often didn’t express his feelings and ended up regretting it later. History repeated itself when his interest in Shun was left unseen and unheard as Dai took the musician out for several dates. However, Ryota made a go for it when it came to approaching the sought-after Kazuto, overcoming his fears for a commendable confession.

Ryota Shifted His Modelling Career Into Gear

Following his time on the show, Ryota went back to taking up modeling opportunities, landing a fairly high number of gigs for advertisements, fashion shows, and creative shoots. In September 2023, he revealed he had modeled for the Lune des maux 24SS collection, wearing a translucent black top and skirt with matching evening gloves. The collection was inspired by the moon in Soseki Natsume and Charles Baudelaire’s writings. He apparently modeled for a few more brands in the following month, including showing off a pair of Dr. Martens black boots against a yellow background. With temperatures dropping by the next month, Ryota displayed part of the Express Holiday 2023 Winter Collection in a photoshoot. Only a few days later, he fashioned JUUKIFF’s Knitwear in a studio.

As the holiday season approached, the 28-year-old featured in a major advertisement for JUNRed’s holiday collection, wearing a hoodie, jacket, and scarf alongside five other models. Ryota’s first modeling gig of 2024 involved coloring his hair auburn for the cosmetics brand Nero Hair in January. He spent the first month of the year working, hanging out with his people and eating good food. In February, he put on Amok, followed by Yoke and a concept outfit by Kidill. By the end of the month, the Shima native walked for the Droptokyo and Edol Collaboration dressed in all black. March saw him excited to dress up in a unique Tanaka Daisuke metal link outfit with hand chains, which reminded him of Kurapika’s hand chains from the anime, ‘Hunter × Hunter.’

Ryota’s biggest break came in March when he walked for Keisuke Yoshida’s fall fashion show on the grounds of Rikkyo University, an institution that holds deep emotional weight for the designer. In April, Ryota put on some glasses and modeled for Umbro and Wego and also enjoyed Sakura or Cherry blossoms as their snowy pink petals bloomed. May brought another major opportunity for the model as he walked for the spring/summer 2024 collection fashion show on Marimekko Day in Tokyo.

He walked again for the FDMTL 25SS collection under the direction of Shingo Tatai as a rock band played in the foreground. By the end of June, he modeled for the Wave of Sand SS25 collection under the creative direction of Natsumi Aoki, posing in a grassy field, lying down in a triangular formation with the other models, and leaning against a solitary tree.

Ryota Appreciates the Artistic Pleasures of Life

‘The Boyfriend’ participant holds his personal affairs close to his chest in line with his revelations on the show and only seems to share artistic and work-related happenings. While he worked as a part-time barista before his time on the show, with his increased modeling jobs, it is no longer clear whether he continues to do so. He does take walks in parks, goes out to restaurants with his friends, and appreciates cinema, anime, and art. Although his facial expressions may not give away much, the model’s love for his work shines through, with his time on the show having given him a better understanding of himself.

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