Is Sammy Sosa Married? Does He Have Kids?

Sammy Sosa was born as Samuel Sosa Peralta on November 12, 1968, in San Pedro de Macoris, in the Dominican Republic. It was only after Sammy came to the US that he received immense recognition for his performances with the Chicago Cubs. Sosa, along with Mark McGwire revitalized national interest in baseball thanks to their Home Run Chase in 1998. Recently, Sammy and Mark’s story has become the focus of ESPN’s ‘Long Gone Summer.’

Before his baseball greatness, Sammy had to go through a life of hardship. He was born to Lucrecia and Bautista, who were not well off. Sammy’s troubles only increased when his father passed away when he was seven years old. They lived in an abandoned hospital and Sammy sold oranges besides shining shoes to make money to help his mother and six siblings. Now, Sammy resides in the United Arab Emirates and has business interests all over the world. But, who’s part of Sammy Sosa’s family now?

Sammy Sosa’s Wife:

Sammy Sosa was first married to Karen Lee Bright, but their marriage only lasted a year. The two got divorced in 1991. However, there have been allegations of domestic abuse made against Sammy by Karen. In 1992, Sammy got together with Sonia Rodriguez, who used to be a famous dancer on TV shows and a child artist in the Dominican Republic. The two had a big church wedding in December 2004. The couple seems to be rather deeply in love and you can check out a picture of Sammy with Sonia. The two remain happily married.

Here’s another picture of Sammy and Sonia sharing a candid moment in the UAE, where the family currently resides.


Sammy Sosa’s Kids:

Sammy Sosa has six children, Keysha, Kenia, Sammy Jr., Michael, Kalexy, and Rolando. Sammy appears to be incredibly close with his kids as you can see in the picture below.

After having grown up in considerable hardship, Sammy is lucky enough to be well off to give his children the kind of life any doting father wants for their kids. Check out a picture where Sammy poses with his daughter who is dressed as a princess.

Despite being a businessman after his successful baseball career, Sammy is also a family man through and through. You can see a hazy but happy picture of Sosa and his family about to head to dinner and then the Bahamas.

Both Sonia and Sammy make it a point to be with their kids as much as possible. Due to their business interests which are spread all over the world, the entire family might not be together at one time. However, the parents ensure their kids feel loved. Here’s a picture from the time Sonia had to be in San Francisco with their two daughters, while Sammy tried to entertain the other children in Miami.

Not only does Sammy adore his children, but he’s an incredibly supportive father as well. You can see his picture below, with his daughter who’s studying to be an art student. As a caring parent, Sammy has accompanied her to look for an apartment in the San Francisco bay area.

From the many pictures put up by the former baseball player, it is evident that he is devoted to his wife and kids, and is a happy family man, looking to ensure that his children have the best future possible.

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