Sana and Saiqa: 007 Road to a Million Contestants Are Now Experiential Professionals

Overcoming the countless hurdles that lay in their path, eighteen individuals head on a globetrotting journey in ‘007: Road to a Million.’ The reality game series chronicles the journey the contestants take to win the top spot and claim the winning prize. With a remarkable token of victory at the finish line, the individuals put their heads together to fulfil the challenges and win the competition. As controller and narrator Brian Cox directs their journey, the participants try to wade away hurdles in an effort to win. Given Saiqa and Sana’s whirlwind journey in the series, fans have continued to wonder about their latest whereabouts.

Saiqa and Sana’s 007: Road to a Million Journey

Albeit a year apart, Saiqa and Sana grew up extremely close to one another. Growing up, the two women didn’t just embrace life’s new chapters together but also shared several dreams and aspirations. Their time on the show displayed their abilities to work together and not be deterred in the face of tough challenges. Their journey on the series began in the expansive Scottish Highlands. With nature and lush as far as the eye could see, the two sisters headed on a journey full of ups and downs.

From the get-go, Sana and Saiqa faced their share of challenges. Initially, the duo got confused after they failed to decipher Brian Cox’s instructions correctly. Ultimately, they decided to explore the ends of the extensive Highlands in the hopes of finding the briefcase. Their arduous journey took them across undulate terrain, water, and even marshy areas. However, the two were unfettered by the little impediments that came their way. Finally, Saiqa and Sana managed to find the briefcase. However, they hit yet another snag when they were presented with a historical question.

The women were quizzed on their deftness with lore and familiarity with the life of the people in the Scottish Highlands. The question offered them three choices and one chance. Sana and Saiqa had to guess which ancient civilization had invaded the Scottish Highlands centuries ago. After failing to pick the right option, the women were ousted in Level 1. Nonetheless, they walked away from the show carrying pride in their abilities.

Where are Saiqa and Sana Now?

Since traversing the difficult region of the Scottish Highlands, Saiqa and Sana have continued to create new milestones in their lives. In addition to sharing sisterly affection for one another, the duo is extremely close to their family, too. Not just this, Saiqa and Sana are equally proficient when it comes to their profession. Sana recently graduated from the Imperial College London with a First Class Honors in Design Engineering. In addition to being on the Dean’s List thrice, she also received the Head of School Prize for her academic excellence. She is currently working with P & G (Procter and Gamble) as a Product Demo Designer R & D. In the past, she was a Process Engineer for the company. Formerly an Environmental Assistant in Dubai, the television personality’s love for travel has taken her to different locations many a time.

Like her sister, Saiqa has also climbed the ladder of success and earned considerable growth in her short time as a professional. She graduated with a degree in Economics from King’s College London and has since been working as a Fraud Analyst for Barclays UK. Even before she was hired to work with key stakeholders and implement strategies, Saiqa held a remarkable resume. From working as a Lead Events Organizer to establishing an online platform for women in Dubai, the television personality has created substantial value. So, even though the sisters couldn’t map the road to victory in the Amazon Prime series, it is apparent that several milestones still lay ahead in their path.

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