Where Is Sanaz From Skin Decision Now?

While most transformation series’ focus on just one aspect of their participant’s life, Netflix’s brand new show ‘Skin Decision: Before and After’ focuses on all. Instead of just helping a person reduce their weight or giving them a makeover, in this series, Dr. Sheila Nazarian and Nurse Jamie concentrate on improving a person’s physical appearance, no matter what part of the body they want to direct the work on. Like in episode 1, we saw them help Sanaz on her face and back because of her issues with acne.

Sanaz: Skin Decision Journey

Ever since she was 11, Sanaz has been suffering from cystic acne, but the worst part of it all has been the scarring of it. She said that whenever they would go down, they would leave a lot of marks behind and since it was acne and was bound to come back again, the whole process of calming them down and then dealing with the scarring and spots and indentations became a lot for her. Because it was mostly on her face, a part that everybody could see, it completely ruined her confidence.

Before coming on the show and to these medical experts, Sanaz had had more than 50 other procedures done on her, and while they had helped with the acne problem, the scarring just became worse. Even though she owns her own business, a successful one at that, she felt like she still needed to hide behind the mask of make-up so that no one could see her real skin and inhibitions. Her issues even hindered her ability to date and her social standing, just because she didn’t want to go out.

Nurse Jamie and Dr. Sheila made it clear to her that even with their help, her skin wouldn’t become perfect, it would improve, a lot, yes, but it would never be perfectly smooth or shiny. Nurse Jamie even specified that although she hopes for an 85% improvement, she can only promise 60% as a guarantee. Sanaz was impatient, but she took what she got, and so, she agreed to go slowly into the treatment and endure the micro-needling, the lasers, and the radio frequencies.

Where Is Sanaz From Skin Decision Today?

As far as we can guess before the COVID-19 virus spread and locked down everything, Sanaz was still meeting with Nurse Jamie monthly to continue with her procedures. She was slowly yet surely gaining her confidence back and had even started dating again. It was as if she was no longer thinking if anyone could see every single scar on her face and was able to actually enjoy focusing on her business and meeting up with new people. While we can’t say for sure if she actually got involved with someone seriously, we do hope that she can find her perfect person one day soon.

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