Sasha Farber From Dancing With The Stars: Everything We Know

Sasha Farber is a long-time professional dancer and choreographer on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ He has been performing on the DWTS stage for the better part of the last decade – 8 years, in fact! On ‘DWTS,’ Sasha found not just fame and high praise, but also his soulmate. If you’d like to know more about the Australian dancer and the charismatic man that Sasha is, we have got all the information right here.

Sasha Farber: Age and Nationality

Sasha was born in Moscow, Russia, in May 1984. After the Chernobyl disaster made it impossible for his Jewish family to live there, they moved to the great land down under, to Australia. Apparently, Sasha’s father, Michael Farber, made the move to Australia with his wife and son with only $100 to his name. Sasha was a two-year-old toddler at the time. In those early years in Australia, Michael worked day and night to put food on the table and also to send Sasha and his younger sister Svetlana to the best possible schools. Sasha aspires to be as giving and devoted to the family as his father is and hopes to have a forever-loving marriage like his parents have.

Sasha started dancing at the age of 13 when he was preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. He first got the idea when he saw a dancer – Luda Kroitor – perform at his cousin’s wedding in Sydney. Initially, Sasha wanted to learn dancing so he could meet girls, which is mostly the main motivation for young boys everywhere to do anything. By the time he was 14, Sasha had already won a couple of dance competitions, which was a serious boost to his confidence, and he realized he could do this professionally.

Sasha Farber’s Wife

Sasha started dating fellow ‘DWTS’ dancer Emma Slater in 2011, but they briefly split up in 2014, only to get back together in 2015. In October 2016, Sasha popped the question to Emma during a ‘DWTS’ broadcast after performing a rousing dance number together. She cheerfully said, “Yes,” and they got married in March 2018, with many celebrities and ‘DWTS’ dancers in attendance.

Together, they make an adorable couple and are parents to a little chihuahua named Ruby. The couple also likes to do their part in helping the society, and last year, they went to help build a children’s home in Costa Rica. Sasha is something of a goofball and loves joking around and making funny videos that he regularly posts on Instagram. The funny posts have certainly increased in frequency ever since the start of the Coronavirus home quarantine.

Sasha and Emma have recently renovated their home, and Sasha lovingly updated his fans about each step of the renovation process. His excited posts about new windows of his home were just delightful and very endearing. In previous interviews, Sasha has said that he wants to start a family with Emma, and having a baby is something that could be on the cards for them very soon. He’s so obsessed with being a dad that he usually targets their dog with his fatherly love and cradles her like a child.

However, Season 29 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is going to be somewhat difficult for Emma and Sasha since they will not be able to live together due to pandemic restrictions. During the production, Emma will be moving out since Sasha is responsible for taking care of the plants, the house, and their dog.

Sasha Farber: Performances and Dancing Partners

By age 17, Sasha had won the Australian Youth Latin Championships twice and represented Australia at the World Latin Championships. He was featured in the closing ceremony at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and also appeared on the Australian version of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ For ten years, Sasha was an original cast member of the Broadway and West End productions of the live ballroom dance show ‘Burn the Floor.’

The grace and energy that he moves with is a treat to watch, truly. Over the years, Sasha has been highly praised by the judges for his on-stage presence and dancing skills, and he has deservingly become a fan-favorite. So far, Sasha has partnered with Nicole Polizzi, Kim Fields, Terra Jolé, Simone Biles, Tonya Harding, Mary Lou Retton, and in the last season, Ally Brook. Although he has not won the Mirrorball trophy yet, Sasha has been a finalist, two times so far.


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