Savannah McKinley: Everything We Know

Savannah is one of the cast members of ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’. Featuring 23 single musicians from all over the country, the show is set to help these artists find love. While some snatched the limelight in the first week of the show, contestants like Savannah saw a slow start.

Savannah McKinley: Age, Background and Profession

Savannah is a 25-year-old musician from Nashville. Leaving the comforts and security of a corporate job, she finally decided to pursue her dreams and passion and dived face-first into the music industry! Raging the hotspots of the Music City with fire and establishing herself as a promising artist, Savannah is not only a music-player but also a singer and songwriter. Savannah started playing music from an early age and even taught herself to play guitar.

Needless to say, her main focus lies in acoustic pop, and she recently released her debut single called ‘Inside Out’. Savannah is also a writer and worked as a content creator for a while. She is a recording artist too, who has featured in quite a few music videos.

Multi-talented and extremely versatile, it does not come as a shock that the beautiful lass models part-time as well! Some of her most gorgeous photoshoots had her modeling for a bridal brand.

She has been practicing yoga for many years and is well-accomplished in the field. Her Instagram feed is proof of that! Filled with her modeling shots, music photoshoots, recordings, and selfies, her posts are a delight to look at.

Savannah is ready to find love and a partner who has similar goals as her. She wishes to forge authentic connections on the show and walk out with a relationship or a best friend. Having someone that understands her passion for music is very important to her.

Savannah McKinley Prediction: How Far Will She Go?

Savannah describes herself as a wild child and confesses that many men find her confidence intimidating. That might be true considering how her first week on the show wasn’t as insightful as expected. She did catch the fancy of Michael Todd but refused his advances when he tried to kiss her within a few minutes of conversation. She found him so creepy that she didn’t even save him from elimination and gave her rose to Brandon! Hopefully, Savannah would have a more adventurous in the coming weeks. She is surely capable of traveling the distance.

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