Say I Do Expert Gabriele Bertaccini: Everything We Know

Netflix’s ‘Say I Do’ is the dream wedding reality series that viewers have been waiting for. On the show, couples profess their love for each other, after overcoming obstacles, and the entire relationship is sealed with a fantastic wedding. Planning a wedding is hard, but the three experts on board handle every detail as the pair prepare to walk into a new chapter of life together. What’s a wedding without food? Luckily, Gabriele Bertaccini is on board to look after the catering. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Who is Gabriele Bertaccini?

Gabriele Bertaccini was born on December 18, 1985. He comes from an Italian family that loves food. Although he’s born and raised in Florence, Italy, Gabriele splits his time between Arizona, his home country, New York, California, and London. His upbringing plays a big role in what he does today, and Gabriele has stated that his family bonded over food.

The chef has also been inspired by his travels, during which time he has seen new places and fueled his curiosity and food dreams. Gabriele describes himself as a Doggie Dad Aficionado and leads a happy life as you can see below.

Gabriele Bertaccini’s as Chef:

Gabriele trained at the Buontalenti Institute of Culinary Arts and Management, in Florence, working in restaurants across Italy before moving to the US, where he lived in Arizona for some time, earning degrees in journalism and PR from the Arizona State University. He started Il Tocco Food in 2008, which soon grew into a massive brand in California and Arizona. The premier catering company is known for authentic Italian food, which uses a variety of ingredients.

The business is an expansion of Culinary Mischief, which is a monthly underground dinner party inviting a select few people in Phoenix to enjoy six courses of traditional Italian cuisine. You can check out Gabriele’s cooking here.

Most recently, he’s posted a picture with the other experts on the Netflix series. See it below.

Who’s In Gabriele Bertaccini’s Family?

Gabriele is very close with his family, who he says bonded over food. In fact, he has mentioned his mother’s lasagna as one of his fondest childhood memories. He used to cook along with his mother, which was his first experience in the kitchen. The chef also has a sister who he is close with, as you can see in the image below.

Gabriele spoke about meeting his boyfriend right before filming for ‘Say I Do’ started. Therefore, he is in a happy place right now, in the early days of a relationship. He spoke about his vision for the Netflix series, stating that food is the glue that holds people together, which is something he tries to bring to life in the show. [Cover Picture Courtesy: Gabriele Bertaccini/Instagram]

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