Scarlet and Joe: Is the Family Stallone Duo Still in a Relationship?

Image Credit: Scarlet Stallone/Instagram

As a reality series living up to its title in every way conceivable, Paramount+’s ‘The Family Stallone’ can only be described as equal parts dramatic, emotional, intriguing, personal, and unfiltered. After all, it revolves around none other than Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone, his loving wife Jennifer Flavin, as well as their three incredible daughters as they go on about their daily lives. Though if we’re being honest, since the latter are in their 20s at the moment, their romantic experiences often take center stage — and we’re here to explore the same in regards to the youngest.

Scarlet and Joe’s Journey

While Scarlet Rose maintains that dating with her last name holds a lot of weight owing to the family’s image, others’ intentions, and her father’s protectiveness, it has never been too hard for her. That’s because the aspiring actress is actually beautiful, bright, intelligent, independent, as well as talented in every way to matter, which is also true for both her elder sisters Sophie and Sistine. It thus comes as no surprise when she first came across Joe (last name unclear) while attending the University of Miami, she was utterly drawn to his genuine attention, care, kindness, and interest.

Hence began Scarlet and Joe’s apparent love connection, only for it to last a few months before they chose to mutually call it quits during a break from school owing to nothing but long distance. The truth is her home base is in California, whereas he’s a true native of Florida (nearly 3,000 miles away), so they simply could not make things work despite always ensuring to make extra efforts. Nevertheless, the latter did hope for reconciliation once she returned to university for her sophomore year in 2022 because she’d realized she really wanted a lasting, stable relationship with him.

Therefore, of course, Scarlet was over the moon when Joe asked her out to the Everglades National Park soon after, giving them some much-needed one-on-one time to freely talk and flirt. Yet concerns came to light the moment she changed the subject of dating while enjoying some acai bowls with her father later on, just to state she planned on making the most of her college experience. This was strange as the Stallones never really shy away from discussing anything with one another, and it quickly came to light this could’ve been owing to her and Joe’s decision to part ways for good.

Scarlet and Joe Are No Longer Together

The truth is Scarlet was indeed heartbroken because she lost Joe as not only a partner but also her best friend, following which she told both her sisters it would take her some time to be okay. However, within two weeks, she was back in her groove, okay with moving on, and more than ready to seek out happy experiences — she’d realized this split was for the best for both of them. And it’s true because although it’s unclear whether she’s still even in touch with Joe or not, she has since found happiness with fellow University of Miami (Herbert Business School) student Louis Masquelier-Page.

From what we can tell, Louis, a Bradfield College as well as an Aiglon College graduate, is actually pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance at the moment. But more importantly, he’s also an athelete and a public figure — the former Youth Olympian is currently a World Junior Championship Athlete in the world of skiing, actively serves as an Ambassador for the international humanitarian organization Right to Play, and is utterly glad to be involved with Scarlet. They honestly seem happy together, so we can’t wait to see how things progress for them as time passes.

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