Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Ending, Explained

Based on the eponymous graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ is an action-adventure romance comedy anime that stars the likes of Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Satya Bhabha, Kieran Culkin, and Chris Evans as voice actors. The show follows a 23-year-old young adult who falls in love with a mysterious girl named Ramona Flowers. But little does he know that she has seven toxic exes who are obsessed with her love life and relentlessly target anyone who tries to date her. So after Scott ends up making out with Ramona following their first date, his life turns upside down. As the story unfolds, Ramona and Pilgrim’s lives get entwined in unthinkable ways as different characters with complicated motivations enter their lives, leaving viewers scratching their heads.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Recap

Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year-old man who dreams about a mysterious girl. As soon as he wakes up, he tells his friend Wallace Wells about her. Wells has no interest in his stories and does not appear to like the fact that he lives in his apartment rent-free. Interestingly, Scott meets this mysterious lady soon afterward at a party and finds out that her name is Ramona Flowers. After learning that she delivers DVDs, he orders one to his apartment. That’s when they meet again and he asks her to go out with him. The duo ends up making out at Ramona’s apartment that following night, completely clueless to the fact that Flowers’ ex Gideon is keeping an eye on the duo. Interestingly, Gideon Graves is not alone as he is one of Ramona’s seven evil exes who all obsessed with her love life.

All of them are toxic and do not hesitate to go after any person who tries to date her. This naturally means that Scott becomes their next target. Ignorant of all this, Pilgrim who is part of a band tells his friends about Ramona. They ask him to inform Knives about the same since they have been dating for a while now, but Scott does not appear to be ready for that. That night Ramona comes to see his performance and that’s when Pilgrim is challenged by Matthew Patel, Flowers’ high school boyfriend. Their fight ends tragically for Scott, who appears to get killed in just one punch. At Scott’s funeral, his ex Envy Adams shows up and sings for him, much to everyone’s shock as they struggle to comprehend how Pilgrim ended up dating such a popular singer.

Meanwhile, there is a shift of power between Ramona’s seven exes as Matthew defeats Gideon and takes over his empire. Dejected and depressed by the loss, Graves ends up at Julie Powers’ door and the two start dating each other after that. Meanwhile, Ramona finds out that Scott is still alive thanks to a video recording of his fight with Patel which clearly shows him getting kidnapped by a mysterious person who opens a portal just seconds before Matthew’s punch hits him. After coming to the conclusion that one of her exes is potentially behind everything, Ramona starts investigating Gideon, Matthew Patel, Kyle, Ken Katayanagi, Roxie Richter, Lucas Lee, and Todd Ingram one by one.

Around the same time, Scott’s friend Young Neil writes a script for a movie that imagines the scenario in which his friend wins the fight with Patel and how things could have potentially unfolded after that. But he forgets that the night he sits down to write the script, he actually falls asleep while a mysterious masked person works on the entire script instead of him. Ramona’s ex and popular actor, Lucas Lee plays Scott when Neil’s script gets adapted into a film. He later loses his role and Flowers learns that he has nothing to do with Pilgrim’s disappearance. That’s when she notices Todd using a portal and concludes that it looks exactly like the one used to kidnap Scott. Ramona feels that she is finally close to catching the real culprit. Later Todd Ingram gets the role of Scott Pilgrim after Lucas loses his acting job.

Interestingly, Wallace Wells plays himself in the movie and ends up having an affair with Todd. Although Ingram is already dating Envy at this point, he falls in love with Wells. Unfortunately, he is eventually heartbroken when he learns that Wallace is not serious with him. When Ramona confronts Todd about Scott’s disappearance, she learns that he has nothing to do with the incident. The portal he makes is nothing like the one used to kidnap Scott and even Envy can see the difference. After that, Ramona decides to investigate Gideon who has now become great friends with Lucas and still lives with his girlfriend. That’s when she notices the robot made by the Katayanagi twins and realizes that they may be behind the entire drama.

Around the same time, Neil and his friends finally come to the realization that the script for the Scott Pilgrim film was written by someone else. When Ramona meets Neil and others, she is shocked to find Scott there. Pilgrim reveals that he was kidnapped by his future self, who wants to ensure that he does not date Ramona as their relationship did not go well in the future. The Scott from the future is hell-bent on stopping his younger self and is not hesitant to take even the worst possible methods for that. But the young Pilgrim soon meets Ramona from the future timeline and learns how desperately she tried to find him and how much she has sacrificed for her relationship with her lover. Scott teams up with her to go into his original timeline to make sure he ends up with Ramona. Although Scott reunites with Ramona from his timeline, they cannot get intimate with each other as an anti-kiss barrier continues to obstruct them.

The couple feels that it is one of Ramona’s exes’ evil plans so they decide to confront them at the release of Scott Pilgrim’s musical. But soon they learn that all of Flowers’ exes are already quite happy in their own lives and no longer have any hard feelings towards Scott or his lover, which confuses the couple. Meanwhile, Matthew Patel is excited to leave a lasting impression on the audience with his performance in the musical. But little does he know that Gideon Graves has other plans. When he finally confronts Patel, he informs him that he has planted a dynamite in the theater with Julie’s help determined to take back everything that was stolen from him. Naturally, everyone there is upset and fear for their lives. But before this confrontation can lead to a conclusion, they are interrupted by the 47-year-old Scott Pilgrim from the future who is determined to stop his younger self from committing the same mistakes as him.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Ending: Do Scott and Ramona End Up Together?

After the 23-year-old Scott returned to the present timeline, his older self in the future isolated himself and trained for 10 long years to make sure that he became strong enough to settle everything once and for all. Now that he meets his younger self again, he wants to ensure that history does not repeat itself. With his bloodthirsty and murderous intent, Pilgrim from the future attacks not expecting Ramona’s seven evil exes to group together and fight against him. But it soon becomes quite apparent that the old man is just too powerful for them as he single-handedly manages to beat everyone up.

Meanwhile, Ramona and the young Scott are appalled by what they are witnessing. Committed to protecting their relationship, they join hands to fight back. For a few moments, it appears that the couple is strong enough to stop their enemy but the tables turn soon afterwards. As Ramona watches her lover fall to the ground after sustaining many injuries, she appears to grasp the seriousness of the issue. She starts looking at the scenario from another perspective and tells the 23-year-old Pilgrim that he is unsure whether they are even fit to be a couple. Ramona points at Scott’s older and maniacal self and points out that she would not want to be with someone like that.

Pilgrim argues that he too does not wish to become a hateful and deranged middle-aged man. In this moment of confusion and chaos, things take an unexpected turn when all of a sudden Ramona from the future also shows up. She confronts her psychotic and hostile middle-aged lover and inquires why he has never even texted her even once for almost a decade now. It turns out that Wallace informed her that he was going to go back in time and fight his younger self that’s how she managed to track him down. Ramona from the future is disappointed that Pilgrim ended up becoming so hateful and unforgiving just because they went through a rough patch.

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old Scott is shocked that he could have gotten back with Ramona if he had just been a bit more mature as she just wanted some space. He tries to patch up with her lover but now it is naturally too late as he made her wait for almost a decade. Ramona from the future sends her lover back to the future after which the dramatic battle comes to an end. Finally, the effects of the anti-kiss field wears off and Scott and Ramona from the present timeline kiss each other. Despite the fears that their relationship may end tragically in the future, the couple decide to stay together, determined to pave their own path. So, yes, Ramona and Scott do end up together at the end.

What Happens to Ramona’ Seven Evil Exes?

After Scott from the future is sent back to his original timeline by her lover, the guards take Gideon Graves and Julie Powers to Matthew Patel reminding him that they tried to bomb the theater. Despite their horrible actions, Patel seems quite calm and inquires Gideon about his motivations. Graves admits that he just wanted to take revenge because everything was taken from him. Interestingly, Patel confesses that he has no interest in Gideon’s empire anymore and offers to return everything to his old comrade on the condition that he lets him keep his show.

Gideon and Patel decide to keep their differences in the past and become friends again. Meanwhile, Lucas Lee manages to find a job that he appears to enjoy. The other evil exes like Todd, Roxie, Stephen, and the Katayanagi twins all appear to have made peace with their past as well and are no longer interested in pursuing Ramona romantically. In fact, they even urge Scott to kiss her in the theater which shows that the couple no longer has to worry about being harmed in any way by any of Ramona’s seven exes.

What Happens to Knives Chau? Does She Forgive Scott?

Scott has been dating Knives for a long time, but after meeting Ramona he realizes that he wants to be with her instead. Despite being urged by his friends to communicate the same with Chau, Pilgrim does not manage to gather enough courage to do the necessary. By the time the duo finally get to talk to each other privately, Knives already know about Ramona. Scott apologizes for not telling her about his relationship earlier and confesses that he feels that he was wrong to date someone as young as Chau in the first place.

Knives appears to have been deeply affected by Scott’s death and reveals that she has learned a lot in the past few days. It appears that she holds no grudges against Pilgrim anymore and has forgiven him for cheating on her. Probably because she is just glad to see him alive, even though he wants to be with someone else. Eventually, Knives appears to have forgiven Scott Pilgrim and made peace with her past as well.

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